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Grand AM - Brands Hatch

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lee Ross, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Can anybody who is racing this week in this combo lmk how many laps the actual race is? I raced my first last night and was quite comfortable in 5th and chasing 4th but had only fueled for around 18 laps. After the 12 or so laps i was getting fuel warnings from the spotter so disconnected as i have never done a pitstop in iRacing.

    I presume it can not be done on 1 tanks and set of tyres?
  2. 58 laps in DP, 49 in Stang, last 80 minutes race I had was Daytona Road and every1 was pitting
  3. It´s a looong race with 58 for us mortals and 59 i think for the fastest guys. I did one two days ago and it was a blast.

    Go with full fuel load from the start, the riley doesn´t suffer much in corners for some reason but the straight you can see a slight difference. But anyway full fuel and one pitstop with only tyres.

    I strongly suggest you go for a pitstop. I did not and ended up drifting through every single turn, every single one :D
    I thought that i would take the chance and maybe gain some time but in the end you will lose it if your running on bad tyres.

    Or, you can only pit for rear tyres since it´s those that will wear, the fronts for me was totally fine even after 58 laps. So you can gamble there if you like. I don´t know however how much time you would actually gain by only changing the rears but probably it´s best to change all of them.
  4. Cheers guys, now i know i can go for it tonight. So a full tank will last race distance but better to pit for some new rears? How do the pitstops work in Racing as there does not seem to be a way of practising them.

    This series is for me btw, love Endurance tyre racing and the racing is the best i have had so far, really gutted i had to disconnect but will be going for it now
  5. Forget that part about only changing rears, i think it´s very possible to do but the question is how many seconds whe are talking about in terms of getting away quicker out on track vs hauling those seconds in over what 25 laps or so.

    I say, full tank from start, change all tyres just to play it safe.

    About pitstop, It´s difficult for me to tell you when to pit since everybody has a different feel on when the right time is. but aim at a little more then half length - 29,30 or so. You will feel that yourself.

    Just come in as you always do to pits, brake earlier to play it safe, make sure your under the speed limit before the cones, slap on the pit limiter and full throttle right away. Always good to do some practice runs so it´s nothing new to you.
    Just glide down the pit and brake in front of your lollipop man, make sure you take it easy since the last thing you want to do is back up etc.

    Oh and btw. when you standing on grid, go to the black box and uncheck fuel. then you don´t have to worry about anything other then coming in, change tyres, wait for lollipop man and go.

    You can practice them as much as you want in practice. Just do some laps (doesn´t matter) com in to pitlane, brake, pitlimiter, brake in front of him kinda, the tyres are getting changed, and then just drive out when he lets you.

    I will probably do a race later tonight but what time where you planning on doing? 19:00 GMT, 21.00 or 23.00?
    Maybe we will see each other on track :D

    Don´t forget to update Trading Paints, i have a new skin on my baby :p
  6. Pitstops are easy, just pull into pit lane don't speed, the DP's have a pit speed limiter. Pull into you stall and if you do nothing you will get a full tank of gas and 4 new tires. You can change what you get by cycling through you black box window(i think that's what is called) find the fuel tab and adjust what you want, same with tires. You can practice this in practice sessions as well.
  7. Will race both the 19.00 and 23.00 mate so hope to see you on track. This is why i started out in iRacing was this series, it was always my aim to get there and that would be my chosen series. Si i'm gonna get in as many as possible.

    Yeah i understand how to pit etc. But didn't know about the limiter, how is that activated? and thought i had to manually set the tyres but if your saying i just come in and it's all done for me then that sounds even better.

    What is this black box you talk about?
  8. You can change your tire pressures there or not, up to you. I have my limiter mapped to my wheel, you will have to look in your options to see what it is by default.
  9. black boxes are like F3, F4 etc. Make sure you know what button it is that turns stuff on or on because otherwise it will refuel you during pitstop.
  10. Man that was hard work! Didn't know what posistion i was for half a race, bashing buttons on the keyboard rtying to find this black box. Was going alright and then Hampus dived up the inside of me and touched and had a bent wheel for the rest of the race. Racing incident but a but silly at the same time to dive like that mate considering there is a long staright afterwards. Gonna race the 11.00 one aswell. This series so far is killing my SR.

    I need to get on top of the different black boxes as i must of wasted 4 or laps just trying them
  11. I have a g27 and mapped my two top red buttons on my wheel to cycle throu the black boxs. Never have to take my hands off the wheel and I can cycle back and forth pretty easily/quick on the straights. Works well if you have buttons on your wheel.
  12. I only got a 0x from that but i can´t remember what turn m8, i´m truly sorry, that was the only contact i had through the race basically.
    Except one more in the end but the guy did not hear the spotter i assume but i gave that place back so he could finish third.

    Fiddling with black boxes in a race is not a good idea m8. Can you tell me what lap the incident happened?

    You had 5 laps to go of the race, why did you just stop?
  13. Having the F3 black box is mandatory imo.
  14. It was very early on mate around lap 5 onwards i think, i really didn't think you were gonna do it and you made me nervous thinking you were gonna do it. Just thought a little more patience would of been better mate that's all. Yeah my wheel was just completely screwed at the end as the tyres wore off and it was becoming too hard to lap properly and it didn't want to cause anybody an issues.

    I had it the other night with a guy lapping round with a car that was knackered and it lost me a win, i found it quite selfish to carry on driving the way he did.

    You gonna make the 11.00 aswell? I think i'm really now just gonna concentrate on this series tbh as it's awesome
  15. Also Hampus, are you 100% sure that teh 25 litres is enough for full race length? As it said it would give me a estimated 54 or something so i added fuel at the stop.
  16. I'm gonna do this now thanks mate. Which ones do you have on the wheel btw?
  17. I´m terribly sorry m8, i´m going to check the replay again and see what i did wrong so i know next time. Sucks that i destroyed your race basically m8 :( Good luck in the next one m8, i wont be there so hopefully you will do good.

    I´m usually a very safe driver just so you know, it was just typical this had to happen. I will take it more easy next time m8.

    You do know that you are losing Irating if you disconnect? You could have been fifth right behind me if you hadn´t retired.
  18. Yes in the menu, fill it up to max. then on the grid, uncheck the fuel box m8 and your all good. Nothing to worry about from there.

    Black boxes default setting is F1 - F10 or something. Then you need to know what button it is that uncheck/check things.
    Take a look inte options menu and you see that it says controls next to graphics and in-car etc. there you can choose whatever buttons you like.

    I have a GT3RSV2 and i have everything on the wheel. I can change tyre pressure for the tyres that will come on the car during the pitstop, choose how much fuel i want etc. Very handy of you have buttons on the wheel.
  19. Mate honestly don't worry about it as i was not digging it at you my post was just i was suprised that you did do it, do you know what i mean? Your not the only one mate i had to slow down as there was not enogh room to pass one of the stangs on the inside and i didn't wanna just throw up there and suprise him and wreck both our races and the guy behind in the proto ploughed straight into the back of me as he was driving erratic to say the least.

    Same wheel as you Hampus so i have now done the buttons and staright away it feels better. I'm not worrying about buttons etc.
  20. Good, and i know what you mean m8 but i take very seriously at things like that and always try to race clean but as you say, **** happens in a race.

    However, why are you not racing now? i thought you were going to race now so i decided to watch it and cheer for you :D But you wasn´t there lol.

    How do you have it setup in terms of black boxes?

    The way i have it setup is like this:

    On the left side by the thumb there are four buttons. The two to the left is look left above, and pit below. Then the two buttons next to the wheel is Black boxes up and down.

    On the other side the two that sits to the center is choosing selections like choosing what tyres you want to uncheck for example. and the two next to my right thumb is increase/decrease.

    And to check and uncheck boxes i use the right button under the D-pad on the bottom of the wheel.

    Haven´t decided what to with the D-pad atm but it´s really not needed for the Riley anyway.

    Are you planning to do some races during the weekend to?