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Featured Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Revealed

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Paul Jeffrey, May 19, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Polyphony Digital have revealed a host of new images and details regarding the latest edition of the hugely popular Gran Turismo franchise: Gran Turismo Sport.

    Due for release on the 15th of November, Gran Turismo Sport marks the first time the game has received official FIA endorsement as it goes head-to-head in the console racing market against titles as Forza, Assetto Corsa and Project CARS. Gran Turismo has been a long running series for Sony's flagship console and the latest details shared by Polyphony reveal the team are hard at work producing a potentially epic addition to the console's racing portfolio.

    With day one of the Gran Turismo Sport unveiling event in London behind us, RaceDepartment bring you a summary of what we have learnt about the new title so far.

    GT Sport will contain 140 road and race vehicles upon its release in September featuring brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, Mazda, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Subaru and Ford amongst other top marques from around the world. As well as the many real word road and race cars, manufacturers such as Bugatti, Peugeot and Volkswagen have submitted fantasy hypercar designs to create a "Gran Turismo Vision" set of performance Supercars.

    Supporting the sizable number of vehicles in the game will be 19 tracks (27 layouts), including the now obligatory Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop). As well as the Nordschleife and Brands Hatch, GT Sport will debut a new oval location in the form of the Northern Isle Speedway and the new Tokyo Expressway track, a large circuit based on the Tokyo Expressway road system that weaves at speed through skyscrapers and under tunnels surrounded by unforgiving tall concrete walls on both sides. Loose surface dirt tracks also make an appearance in GT Sport with the inclusion of the imaginatively titled "Dirt Track" that takes players from the Rocky Mountains to the Mexican border in America's Midwest. Polyphony promises the new off road location to have plenty of elevation changes to keep sideways sliding fans happily entertained.

    Officially endorsed by the FIA motorsport governing body, Gran Turismo Sport will have two FIA-certified online championship series. The Nations Cup is a completion where players will represent their home country and race against other national teams in a series of racing events as you aim to be crowned Nations Cup Champion. The other officially sanctioned championship focus's not on nationality but by manufacturer choice. The Manufacturer Fan Cup lets players select their favourite car maker to represent them in a series of events against other drivers in the games online environment.

    Both the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Fan Cup championships will benefit from professionally produced live broadcast transmissions. Here's hoping the quality and realism of these broadcasts will be a significant step up from the abysmal Project CARS showcase of a '1v1' style of racing that was a horribly executed and bastardised version of what SimRacing is really all about.

    Making the most of the official FIA licence, the winner of each series will have the opportunity to attend the official FIA prize giving ceremony and pick up an award alongside real life motorsport champions from the various FIA sanctioned racing series!

    GT Sport Brands Hatch GP.jpg

    Gran Turismo Sport offers a substantial offline Campaign mode designed to address the many fundamental requirements of high performance race driving allowing both beginners and the more experienced racers an opportunity to hone their skills before tackling the many offline race events and competing against real world racing rivals.

    Delivered in several segments from learning basic car control skills to the finer points of on track behaviour wrapped up in an informative and entertaining selection of lessons and challenges, Gran Turismo targets drivers new to the genre and builds up their skills and experiences to encourage a competitive and safe racing standard when taking to the online racing element of the title.

    Beginner’s School
    From basic skills such as hitting the brakes and how to turn into a corner, fundamentals can be learned from the bottom up, which will prove invaluable for newcomers to driving games.

    Mission Challenge
    As you work your way through short missions, you will automatically pick up fundamental driving skills without even realising it. In the end, you will have a level of skill that will allow you to participate in major race events.

    Circuit Experience
    Through actual experience on a race track, you will step into the true world of high-performance driving. Use the knowledge of track layouts learned in the mission challenges to pick up the basics of how to conquer a race track.

    Race Etiquette
    In online, as well as real races, etiquette on the track is as important as performance. Learn the rules of etiquette and sportsmanship that’s required in all player-vs-player races. Even if you’re not a top driver with lots of confidence in your skills, you will still have plenty of fun because each player will be matched fairly with people of their own level for fair and equal online racing.

    As players have come to expect with the many Gran Turismo franchise releases, a detailed livery editor will be available in GT Sport allowing players to design and share liveries for many of the models featured in the new title. From painting your own designs to adding a selection of sponsorship decals, the newly redesigned livery editor will should feature intuitive user friendly design functionality and let players show off their designs to maximum effect in the new Scapes photo mode feature added to the title.

    Scapes is a new photo mode brought in to GT Sport that lets players choose from 1000 locations of "Scapes" stages to provide scenic backdrops for players to take shots of the many cars found in game. Players can select their preferred location (or "Scape"), place their car in a choice position and adjust the lighting and colour before framing the image and taking the picture. Some images can be seen below of several cars against the many Scape backgrounds. This is a nice new feature and should go some way to enhancing the experience for players who enjoy taking artistic photographs of the beautiful cars featured in GT Sport.

    Release Schedule
    • US, Asia, Japan - 15 November 2016
    • EU - 16 November 2016
    • UK & Ireland - 18 November 2016

    Check out our RaceDepartment Gran Turismo Series forum for latest news and discussion about GT Sport and other Gran Turismo Series games. RaceDepartment will be keeping abreast of all the latest news coming from day 2 of the big reveal event in London. Stay tuned for more information when it becomes available!

    Gran Turismo Sport Ferrari 2.jpg Gran Turismo Sport Mercedes.jpg Gran Turismo Sport Mustang.jpg GT Sport Brands Hatch.jpg GT Sport Dirt Track.jpg GT Sport Northern Isle Speedway.jpg GT Sport Tokyo Expressway.jpg GT Sport Race Cars.jpg GT Sport Vision Gran Turismo Cars.jpg

    Are you looking forward to the PS4 GT Sport release? Do you enjoy the latest screenshots? Planning to purchase the game? What do you think of the details known so far? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Yet a new standard in track quality? Goodness. Will wait for user reviews and a discount to consider picking it up, for that slim PS4 library.
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  3. Hope the Single Player aspect isn't an after thought. Seeing that the main selling point is meant for serious online racing.
    It would suck to find out that the livery editor will be for MP only. I've seen too many games with features that are needlessly limited to MP.

    Release on November? Well I'm not sure what next-gen console to get now...
  4. Looks pretty good. Will it be running at 60FPS?

    How does GT6 feel compared to Forza. I don't race on the console, but the titles generally look pretty good.
  5. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Well, there are a few options here:
    * Not 1080p
    * Not graphically up to what the screenshots show
    * Not 60FPS
  6. ouvert

    Premium Member

    well it doesn`t look like those screens at all but still pretty good .. nice replays
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  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    Never understood the need for that toddler song in the trailer. lol
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  8. Looks arcadish and childish
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  9. Are you just saying that to crap on console games?

    GT6 was 1080p60 on the ps3... There is zero reason that this wont be the same, if not more. Wild speculation may say that Sony will want this to be a showcase for the 'PS 4k' that is coming along.

    Of course though, while GT6 was 60 fps, it was a frame dropping, stuttery mess. And never actually maintained 60 fps, even when driving solo.

    Beyond that... even GT4 was 1080i on the PS2... yeah, really.

    Polyphony works miracles with Sony's consoles, although if this is the same frame dropping nightmare GT6 was, then that will be a failure from an optimization point of view.
  10. Racing game or photo simulator
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  11. ouvert

    Premium Member

    as somebody pointed under that trailer: to hide vacum cleaner engine sounds ...
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  12. here, actual human review
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  13. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium Member

    My PS4 is currently sitting under a pile of dust. I still hold out hope that GT Sport will make me want to turn it on again, but we'll have to wait until November for that.

    Also, why isn't that F-Type "GT3" a real thing!?
  14. just for you bro, I will make my new sim, also for PS4, so you can use it again, and blow off the dust..
  15. One gaming website has already played the game for 30 minutes and commented that it looks no different than GT6 on the PS3 and the sound isn't any better either. They basically stated its a huge disappointment. I don't know if the final game will be any different but its not likely this late in development. The GT series used to be a system seller for Sony, but those days are long gone.
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  16. seems like it. it saddens me, this was my favorite game on ps1 2 3.... but it hasn't changed really since ps2.. of course accept new cars and improved graphics. all else is the same. no effort has gone into making a damage model, since you would need a completely new ai and engine sounds are still same since the 1st gt on ps1
  17. not possible, the display cable on the PS2 doesnt have have enough bandwidth to run 1080 and they were not downsampling because that technology didnt exist at the time.

    I was seriously disappointed yesterday, they started it with a lackluster trailer which while it showed the all the featured it didnt do it with good pacing at all, they showed multiple bugs, low poly parts of the tracks and areas which havent fully loaded in because anisotropic filtering wasnt high enough.

    GT is a behemoth, it has to be perfect, it has a history of getting gamers to soil themselves, that trailer didnt do that, then there was the live stream which was shocking, so called best gamers completely ignoring race rules and ethics punting eachother off, blocking, going for lines where there was no room.

    yesterday could have gone a lot better. Its a shame because granturismo is where it started to most racers.
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  18. for racer to stop hitting each other, you need a damage model..... which will never ape in gt. because of non destructible models being used. instead of destructible....
    non destructible models should have a high polygon count for high res graphics, but it does not seem to be in this case.
  19. poly count was fine, those cars would fit in anything, they could maybe go toe to toe with assetto corsa's models bar the texture quality in the interior which we saw a bit of but the aliasing was a problem, looked like 2xmsaa. Well im fine with them sacrificing quality in order to get a higher fps but jaggies eww.
  20. ouvert

    Premium Member

    GT4 is one of 4 games that runs native 1080i on PS2 i think ..

    and yes GT5,6 have 1080/60fps .. but those 60fps is not really true, isn`t it .. :)