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Gran Turismo PSP Announced, Gran Turismo 5 has Damage Model

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Bradley Wint, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Video & Details Submitted By: The Sim Factory

    Hello all, sorry for the lack of presence over the last few hours. The Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Key Notes were just amazing but also quite time consuming with regards to covering the new content. Anyway, Gran Turismo fans are in for a treat.

    As mentioned previously, Gran Turismo is going to the PSP Go with the name Gran Turismo PSP and will have 800 cars, 35 tracks (with variations), as well as 60 frames per second game play. There is a multiplayer mode that allows up to four racers to compete against each other. It will be released on October 1st 2009. There are more details and I will update you all once I get them confirmed.

    With regards to Gran Turismo 5, it was actually shown at E3 with a superb trailer. To top it off, there will be damage in GT5! That's right. When we watched it, we saw one of the Subarus with a bit of body damage, so the cat's out of the bag. However, there was nothing else about the game.


    Stay tuned for more E3 stuff.
  2. I only saw 16 cars on track during the NASCAR scenes, but even if there aren't 43 cars on track, at this point, i'll take GT5 over EA's NASCAR games anyday!
  3. Wow, that really does look excellent. Love the addition of rally racing and hope for a good damage model. Also, the rendition of the Nordschleife in the video is looking superb. I just might have to buy a console after all. :)
  4. Sorry just saw you put it up, the video is here. I'm really happily surprised! It's a beauty of a trailer. As were most from Sony. God shame Kazunori didnt want to say a single word about the game. He's getting the acts of a godlike figure i suppose. And for me he deserves that status!

    What will be in that game... Unbelievable.

    I'm thinking about the fact that it'll be all seperately downloadable, like nascar, normal cars, sports cars, racecars...

    And than the physics. Little details show away that they are close to really real... The last shot where the racecarhops over that wobble and drives off... It's real. That's exactly how i feel a real car would move, it's insane. Kazunori is known for these details and yet again he seems to rise above himself.

    And what shakes me up even more is that the glimpse we got now was almost totally about racecars!!! Even better, hah!
  5. Wow, thats all that needs to be said. With a good online mode this could be soooooooo good.
  6. Wow... When I saw the NASCAR and WRC, my jaw dropped. They looks beautiful! very unexpected. And the damage... Superb!
  7. It looks very good but it doesn't really show too much does it? And everyone knows the difficulty in producing a game that can accurately simulate rally AND track, never mind oval racing.

    Even so I'm impressed especially with the pitstops....

    How long is it going to take to come out though?!!! They kept us waiting 3 years for GT4, it's been 5 for this one.....
  8. on one side I don't care how long we wait, I mostly care that they deliver what was shown :)
    Now officially I will begin saving money for the PS3 and GT5 :)
  9. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Nascar. Im in love!
  10. I'd love to buy the PSP version :D
  11. Same. As soon as I saw NASCAR (and my jaw dropped with a bit "WTF" over my head)...I was sold.

    October 1st, 2009 :D
  12. its let me thinking on race driver 3, a lot of cars and classes
    love it
  13. 800 cars in a PSP version? That's more than GT4! 35 tracks is a lot more than most games too. PD really know how to deliver...
  14. This is getting big. And with PD it really is what you see is what you get. Really, believe me. It's the series i grew up with, it's the series that got me a bit into racing myself, it's the series that learned me driving when i still didn't knew what the shifter in a real car did. It taught me stuff and reflexes needed in a real car that actually saved my life already twice.

    So in one way or another, it's tx to Kazunori that the race sim grew big on me. Actually tx to him i'm here on RD, imagine that, ha!:)

    Really, since GT2 i've got a feeling this guy was special. From this day on, i don't matter how long it takes him and PD to make a sim. Because following the stuff now for 3 years on GTplanet too, i know that what he does, is for real, always... It's one of those rare types you'll find in the gaming industry that sometimes can forget about money and bring life to their personal passion and thinking. Those are the best, Hideo Kojima anyone? :wink2:

    Ok enough. Like others here my jaw dropped too, i actually yelled a hahaaa (bit hysterical) through the house... The hairs were up on my skin and indeed the stuff they showed was all new, even for alot of them at Gtplanet who actually know alot...

    And rumours on E3 at a small press talk about a release date are up:laugh2: