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Gran Turismo on PC?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by gemofindia, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. is there anyway that I can play this game on my PC.
    caz I was thinking of playing from 1 - 5 all of the series.
  2. No you can only play GT5 on a Playstation 3
  3. You can play 1 & 2 on a PC using a PS1 emulator.
    3 & 4 may work with a PS2 emulator but from my experience there isn't a good PS2 emulator out there.
    5 is PS3 only as Kevin said.
  4. Not legally anyway.
  5. Any quick comments on Gran Turismo vs Race Series?
  6. GT5 is better.

    Flame on!
  7. GT4 was also better than Race ON?
  8. No.
  9. Hmm.. just ordered a PS3 instead of a G25 (wanted the latter a bit more) but hope the GT5 disc that comes with it lives up to its reputation!
  10. i bet that disc will be yrs around March 2010...
    That's the most early releasedate known now so... :)
  11. They've promised shipment in a week or so, that disk better be in there :) Oops, Its GT5 Prologue, :doh2:. March 2010 is right.. :monkey:
  12. There is no releasedate for GT5, only for Japan. Ill hope they will give a date soon...
  13. He said they could release the same time as Japan, but it's Sony that ultimately decides the date.
  14. i just read that North America is probably going to release it in the summer 2010, and in the past North America and Europe were pretty much the same for GT releases...