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Gran Turismo 6 Demo Released

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Baz Cutting, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. gt academy 2013 on store now.its our 1st look at gt6 and must say impressed so far
  2. Gotta say the physics and tyre models are a lot better than previous versions by a long shot. I'm not convinced the graphics are of the quality they will be in the final product.

    If the Nissan Leaf leans as much in real life as it does in game, it's a small wonder I will never own one of them. haha.
  3. fought i was on a bike for a minute lol then realized had me steering wheel in front ov me ha.but defo seems alot smoother n no steering wheel lag as yet.defo with ya on the physics and tire models about time they done something with those
  4. I got really bad stuttering. It was hardly acceptable even without the cockpit or bonnet.
  5. How big is the demo and can someone say what content is included? :)
  6. lol..actually maybe I wont bother. I've read the AI is the same as always :rolleyes:
  7. This game/franchise is the only one not on PC that I really want. So sad they don't release it on PC :(
  8. Anybody know how the 370z version in the GT5 demo compares to the rFactor 2 version?

    Brakes was a bit tricky. No brake balance adjustment so without ABS it´s like you pull the hand brake whenever you lock with way to much rear balance. Putting ABS to 1 is like having stability control on top of ABS lol. You can abuse the brakes nothing bad will ever happen to you you will just get some mild understeer instead of the 90 degree snap oversteer. Feels a bit weird.

    As for AI hard to say it´s beginner AI but from what I seen it´s the same train though I spotted one overtake attempt in my 10 races so far... I don´t think they started to work on that yet.

    As for sound GT 5 is just straight awful on some cars. May be the same for GT 6. 370z don´t sound awful but then I booted up the rFactor 2 version and wow those down shifting sounds it make I am absolutely in love. And there is no fault with the engine scream on that high reved engine.

    So far I have seen nothing that make me want GT 6 sadly. Hopefully there will be a proper demo later on. GT 5 in itself was a bit of a disappointment but with more proper suspension modelling it should feel less dead, stiff and sterile. Graphics are PS 3 but they do it´s job they just have to improve the framerates to a solid 60 fps.
  9. It kind of feels better if you use the clutch (no lift-off oversteer), modulate the brake (don't hold it at 100% when all weight goes to the front) with ABS at 0. Or stay on throttle while braking :D

    I agree ABS 1 is too intrusive (but better then GT5?)... no lift-off oversteer, and increase in stability. It just feels like a bug and they should add 100 kg weight penalty for ABS usage per tick until they develop realistic ABS aid :coffee: . The traction control settings on the other hand are quite realistic although I rarely use them.
  10. I have to say I'm not really feeling these big physics improvements at all. Aside from a few minor details and subtle differences you could easily be fooled into thinking you were playing GT5, a difference in feel you could attribute to a small patch or even just a new version of a car model.

    Also coming over from GT5 is the clutch/gear system that doesn't work properly, meaning you can't drive it like a real car. Another thing it takes over from GT5 is the fact that the car is undrivable without ABS-1, touching the brake with the ABS turned off is like pulling on your handbrake. Perhaps it is drivable but it definitely isn't realistic and it is exactly how GT5 behaved.

    I'm also annoyed that there still isn't a brake deadzone adjustement, my brake pedal (G27) has a slight rub issue, which with GT5/GT6 is a massive problem because of how unrealistically oversensitive the brakes are combined with the lack of any deadzone adjustment. In other sims the brake isn't so sensitive (like real cars!) so It is rare that I even need to bother with the deadzone.

    Altogether I'm a bit disapointed, sure the animation and chassis movement looks more realistic, and in some cases the graphics are improved (but lower FPS than GT5) but when it comes to driving it just feels like a slight tweak compared to GT5 rather than some big move in the right direction.

    Ultimately all of the basic issues with GT5 remain here.