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Gran Turismo 5 what a let down

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Jack Evans, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Right where to start, ok so we have finally got GT 5 after many years of waiting but what a let down I has been. Here is a list if things of why it's such a let down.


    So we were all so excited when we heard that GT5 would have a damage system but now I've got the game I can't see why I got so excited. I mean for starters you only have damage on the premium cars which is only about 100 cars out of 1000 odd cars I mean what's the point, secondly the actual damage is rubbish I crashed a 458 Italia into a wall at 100 mph diliberatly and all that happened was my bumper bent and finally the sound the sound when you crash is horrible and not realistic at all it just sounds like some sort of computer had a guess of what it sounds like to crash.

    Cockpit view:

    Like the damage only premium cars have cockpit views which is pretty dam pointless. They've delayed the game for 2 years and didn't bother getting the cockpit views done for all cars now that's just lazy.


    Well the thing with the tracks is there isn't that many yes there is plenty of ways to go round each one but there isn't nearly enough when you bear in mind how many cars there are and how many tracks other games have. Another thing with the tracks is the atmoshere there just isn't any. At most there is a handful of people in the grandstands but otherwise there deserted which makes the game feel dead and boring. The graphics of the tracks is my last point. All the tracks on the game apart from the rally ones look so clean and clinical like they've just laid new tarmac down then painted a black line round it for the racing line which isn't always painted on the right line it's just not realistic at all. Another thing is how the tracks are portrayed like monza and Monaco for examples in real life in Moza ther is no concrete Walls blocking the first chicane but that isn't really a big deal it's Monica that rather pointless everything is wrong four corners have barriers where there shouldnt be and none of the correct markings on the road are there.

    length of the game:

    The game is sooooo long and very boring after a while it has none of the off track features like F1 2010 for example after you have comPleted the first few groups of races in a spec begginer you can't do the rest because they require certain cars which you don't have and can't afford at that time. Also the licenses are terribly long yes they are great fun and a good feature but why so many and why all the restrictions on things like you need a certain licences to buy a car i can understand needing a certain licences to race but to buy cars that's just silly. And when ever you buy a car of get one dilevered why do we need a minute long sequence showing us the car just why.

    Car graphics:

    Yes you all may think the graphics are amazing but as I said about the track graphics it's all just too clean. There are better car graphics out there I will admit certain cars look absolutely amazing but it's not consistent it really isn't some cars look like boxes it just doesn't have a sense of realism.


    The difficulty varies massively. Some races are so easy it a joke and in others is near impossible and this isn't just because I've gone on to harder levels I did the Mercedes challenge around the norschlifer and one section of the track was easy while another the AI where so much quicker than me it was riddiculous.

    The future of the game:

    The future of the game doesnt look bright I mean will they be able to produce tracks and car pack at the rate forza has. NO they've made it too complicated to do it at that rate. I read they promised to launch the game with 1000 cars in and with the help of downloadable content bring that number up to 10,000 in no time at all. This just won't happen in the time before people start wanting GT6.

    Fun factor:

    The fun factor is one of the most dissapointing things. Itis fun too begin with but after a while because of all it clinicalness it gets very boring especially with that poor damage system.

    So to do an overview on it all even though it has the best car physics there is for a racing sim on a games console there is a hell of a lot wrong. Please rate this post out of 10 please and feel free to dicuss all that I've just said.
  2. First of all - there was only ONE real, official delay. Unfortunately rumors don't count... (Can't be past the deadline without the deadline).

    - I haven't yet got to a point when damage is on. I don't care too much for it; mandatory oil changes and over time degrading engines are a cool feature partially-related to damage. But the damage isn't stunning, that's for sure.

    Cockpit - agreed. Even bigger problem in my eyes - why couldn't they just added a bonnet-cam for all those older cars? Would work wonder. Now I'm so used to bumper cam in GT5 I don't use cockpits in Premiums either...

    Tracks - completely agree about the quantity. I'm hoping for DLC (preferably free) because there is not enough of the racing pavement in here. Rally was a let-down so far too.
    Now execution of those tracks is a matter of taste. I personally like the way they're done. When the "glares", "HDRs", "blurs" and other useless crap is stripped out driving is more enjoyable. At least for me. And I found the surface to be decent looking too, just as I expected. No dynamic weather with slowly drying racing line is a minus tho, that's correct.

    And I like how the tyre marks are done, finally after a long anticipation.

    Length - well, that's how they wanted it to be. Right now I'm taking my time playing the early races and that haven't really bothered me now. I'm enjoying the 190E and my old Subies.

    Difficulty - haven't tried the mentioned challenge yet, so don't know about this particular one. Other than that it seems okay. But it all can't change, so I'll just assume you're right.

    Future - let's hope you're not 100% right. Although I'd rather see not as many, but bigger packs of DLC. Forza milked like 100$ in additionto the retail price from the most dedicated gamers. That's clever marketing, I'd say. We can't really discuss it right now, don't have enough information.

    Fun Factor - I'm waiting to try out the online to start judging it (loved the Split Screen in Prologue, it sucks that there is no LAN option in GT5 right now :/). From the beginning it has the "just this one and I'm finished for today" factor, so although it IS hugely unpolished it's not a complete let down.
  3. I disagree on many points, there are let downs in this game (No drag strip, or test course for 1/4mile or top speed), and a load of other things, but overall i think its fanstastic.

    Damage - I've noticed mild damage since the start, its meant to increase as you level up, im pretty sure i heard they were going to patch an update in about this, there were builds that had proper damage modeling in the videos leading up to the release.

    Cockpit - Meh, the premium cars are the only ones that really interest me at the moment, sad but its not the end of the world, there are bigger things missing (like the drag strip/test course)

    Tracks - There are a lot of really nice quality tracks, they aren't perfect and there could be more but its not too much to complain about. Monza blocks are obviously there to stop cheating, they could be placed there in real life, so i don't see what the problem is here. Monaco isnt actually monaco, its a rough reproduction fantasy track "based" on monaco.

    Length - You cant be serious? every GT game has been really long, only the hardcore players are expected to complete it, i only did 100% on GT4, the others i merely got "close-ish" and thats fine, why do you need to complete it? GT5 if anything is one of the shorter ones, a lot shorter than GT4, i'm already 44% through the game which i was disapointed by how fast i was getting through it. GT games are long, ther is a long progression path and the point is that you collect and drive lots of cars at lots of tracks, that is Gran Turismo, the format works.

    Difficulty - The AI is mostly too easy, they corner too slow in the cars they drive, some cars (Miura) are too fast with the AI. The biggest difficulty for me however is the cars, driving them is hard and moving from car to car and track to track without lots of practice, where in something like iRacing you may spend hours just practicing 1 track with 1 car. For the most part i thought the challenges were all well balanced, AI can be annoying but nothing too over the top.

    Future - GT5 will be one of the best selling games for the PS3, and people will be playing it for years to come, GT6 has a lot to make up for though, that will have to be content filled, much like GT4 was after GT3. The franchise is going nowhere though, its the best selling racing game franchise per title.

    Fun - I love it, i never intended to play it online, i just wanted to collect and race lots of cars, tune them and find the ones i like, try to beat the game and beat my lap records, at the end of the day the game costs like £35? or $60 if you already have the console, that really isnt much for the ammount of work that went into making the game, F1 2010 has nice graphics, great sounds and really good tracks, but as a game it lacks depth, the physics are simplistic and flawed, the career mode consists of racing 19 tracks, 7times in a row, the time trial mode is useless, as an F1 game it is good fun and does its job, but as a driving/racing game it does not scratch the surface of what GT5 offers.
  4. Well in all fairness gt5 is not a total disappointment.There are many many things right about it and under the right combinations of tracks and cars especially in time trial modes the game can feel like a dream coming to life.

    The 200 "premium cars" look incredible and playing in night hours or in a dark room with the cockpit view is fantastic.Especially if you have the playstation camera the cockpit view is simply perfect.
    (basically the equivalent of track ir on pc simulators)

    And some of the tracks are so beautiful and life like its a pleasure to simply drive on them in time trial mode.Le mans,monako,monza,norchliefe,rome,tokyo downtown,madrid may not be exactly like in real life and its true they feel to closed with barriers everywhere but they are incredible never the less.

    And through the career mode in gt5 feels predictable and cumbersome it still has some aces of its sleeve with interesting license challenges,some great historic events,a lot of used cars to drive and a lot of interesting background information for every single car presented here.Sensible car modifications help too.

    But through it does worth its money for the above reasons only it still is a disappointment to be perfectly honest..

    and that happens for many reasons...

    Damage....The damage when applied looks nice but having to consistently crash multiple times at ridiculus speeds of up to 150 miles to produce any visible effects is ridiculus...Before playing the game i couldn't understand what's the fuss but when i started a race for the fist time everything became crustal clear...

    The AI is messed up simply following the perfect line ignoring each other and your car resulting to constant crashing between themselves and with you.It looks and feels like bumper cars and only then i realized that if the damages was not so toned down then their cars and your car would have been totaled probably in the 1st or 2nd corner of every race.......

    No cockpits....There are no cockpits for normal cars and as all used cars are not premiums that applies for 800 cars out there...Granded i love old cars thats a bummer...

    Sterile tracks...Well there is accumulated dirt on your car and tire treads but the usually don't stay throughout a race.All other cars stay polished and shiny,there are no barriers scrapes or bends,no wind,no swaying trees,no swaying grass or grass for the matter and you get the picture...Even every texture for every track looks clean and shiny even those that should have had a weathered look..

    MOST TRACKS ARE BORING AND LOOK LIKE THEY CAME OUT OF A TRACK GENERATOR....As i said before there are some amazing tracks out there.....but many that should have been amazing look awefull,boring and uninterasting like something from a older game...
    For example the original "fantasy " tracks.Grand valley,forest valley,cape ,autum hill etc... sound amazing and always were the highlights of grand turismo games...But in gt5 they are very simply modeled without anything even remotely special or beautiful to them....And that sadly applies to rallying as well as many other tracks too....Really the difference of some of the tracks is staggering...
  5. full damage is only unlocked when you are level 40! There are some vids on youtube which show that kind of damage, and on some cars it is like Dirt! But the update will unlock it in arcade as well.

    Ai is not very good... start playing online :D

    Tracks are great imo, I like the sterile looks. I hated shift, because of the grafitti and sponsors and bridges on the tracks which weren't there at all in reallife. Maybe the rally stages could've looked better, but if you drive Toscana or Eiger, they are really beautyfull!
  6. In reply to the above, they did an amazing job with Le Mans and the Nurburgring, i think those tracks really stand out as the best versions of those tracks i have seen or driven in any game. Daytona was a disapointment, its extremely smooth and though you could argue that its based on the repaved version, the repaving only just happened and the track in GT5 would have been completed well before. The old Daytona was bumpy as hell and you could see cracks in the road and grime and it just looked awesome, like a real used legendary track, the one in GT5 just looks sparkly and smooth.

    That is the general feel of most of the tracks, sparkly and smooth but to be honest it doesnt bother me, i love the game, there are lots of little imperfections everywhere, but there are many charms, but i expect all these to be ironed out by GT6, that game needs to be perfect because GT5 should have had more, it should be closer.
  7. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium


    I agree with you here. In the lead up to the game I saw vids with cars being smashed to bits, yet I see nothing like that in the real game. I hit a wall at full speed, and at most I get a small dent. Ok, so apparently damage is 'unlockable'... but why? Give us an option in the settings menu to enable/disable based on our own preference. But then, it would still only be on premium cars so... yeah.

    Cockpit View

    I agree. No cockpit = no immersion for me, so I'm very disappointed that 80% of the cars don't have one. I feel I have to stick with the premium cars only, which is a shame as many of my favourites are not among them.


    I agree that there are not enough of them. Given the sheer number of cars, you'd have thought they could have gotten permission for a few more classic tracks too. Hopefully more will be added over time... preferably free or at low cost:content ratio. However, I don't agree that the existing tracks look rubbish. I think they look perfectly fine.

    Length of Game

    No offense, but if you want a shorter game go and play Shift or something. GT5 was always meant to be long, and they delivered. Its about time I bought a game that I'm not going to finish in two days flat. Besides, racing sims are not about getting to the end as fast as possible, they're about the experience. That's why sims are played for years whereas arcade racers are played for just months.

    Car Graphics

    I think they're fine. Enough said.


    I have issues with difficulty too. At the moment it is stupidly easy. I'm past all AI opponents within the first couple of corners in most races, and I finish miles ahead of by the end. The game needs a proper difficulty slider in the options menu for those of us that do not want to be 'eased' in to the game with a softly softly approach.

    Future of the Game

    I'm not sure how anyone can really speculate on the future of a game which less than a week old. We don't really know what the devs intend to do with it, what content they have planned, or how far they intend to do with implementing community feedback. At least give them a chance before writing them off.

    Fun Factor

    I am genuinely enjoying the game so far, and do not regret the purchase. Having said that, there are certainly a number of obvious flaws (in addition to what I've said here) that are preventing me from really loving it. If these are addressed in patches then I'll be a very happy man. If not, then I'll still enjoy the game for some time to come.
  8. I got a feeling you judged the game by what it's not and what it doesn't have.

    First, there are 220 premium cars, not 100.

    Second, On the lower levels you don't have massive damage indeed. Once you reach the pro and expert races and have gained a high driver level the full damage model 'unlocks'.

    It was clear months before the release that only Premium cars would have a cockpitview. Personally I don't care, as I prefer bumper cam anyway. See it as we have 220+ perfectly modeled premium cars with cockpit and everything, and we got 800 cars as a bonus from the past games with lower quality.

    To a certain point I agree. Monaco and Tokyo for example look pretty weak, like they just upscaled it from previous GT games. Also some rally stages in the Special events look dull (but then Toscane and Chamonix for example look awesome).

    Then you move on to the tracks which are completely new or re-done like Madrid, Rome, Cape Ring, Nordschleife etc. and they look just amazing. I love driving the Ring in GT5.

    The best thing about the tracks and graphics is the lightning. It looks so more real than other games (compare the Ring wih Forza 3's Ring for example).

    Matter of personal preference I guess. Every GT game before has lots of license tests and races, so it was expected they would be back in GT5.

    I just love doing some license tests, Look around in the car dealers, do some races, do a special event (which are awesome), spending time in photomode, take my car to a nice location in photo travel, buy some new parts for my cars, test my cars, etc. etc. Oh and I completely forgot Online racing and community and of course the Course maker. I didn't even touched these 2 modes yet after 4 days.

    In the end the game is massive, I love it.

    Premium cars look better than anything else available right now. The standard may look less beautiful but during racing you won't really notice. Only until you look the replay and start zooming in it's very noticable.

    Haven't noticed that yet. I think the game allows you certain cars in certain races which shouldn't be allowed because they are too quick, making if too easy. On the other hand you can see what sort of cars are entering a race and you can change your car to math theirs and have far better racing.

    You can't know yet. I do think there will be cars through DLC. Prologue had them as well.

    10.000 cars? That's never gonna happen ofcourse.

    The physics and drivingmodel is probably the best part of the game, obviously the most important as well, and if you don't have fun with that than probably GT isn't completely your game.

    It has it's glitches and issues which need to be (and will be) finetuned and optimized. Drivingwise it's just so good it makes me forget these issues.
  9. Its certainly not to everyone's liking, if you had not have posted under your real name I'd have thought you were a friend of mine who has just been talking about why he dislikes GT5 after the long wait :)

    Have a look at this video in regards to damage:

    Cockpit view:

    Why they make you wait till level 40? maybe they don't want to make it overly hard for new users but for regular GT fans I think perhaps it should have been an option to have full damage right at the start. They have made some odd decisions along the way thats for sure. I think cockpits should have been available on all cars, if that meant lowering the number from over 1000 then so be it. That said I don't mind racing with the cockpit off, I don't have time to admire the stitching on the leather wheel when I'm racing :)

    I really have to disagree on this point. The tracks are very well done in my opinion. I don't know how you can say the tracks look like fresh tarmac, we must be playing different games. Take a spin around the Top Gear Test Track or Nordschleife and look at the surface changes and patches of tarmac where its been repaired. I think there are more than enough tracks to enjoy in the game. I think it comes down to a quality over quantity point of view in my opinion.

    length of the game:
    This was a concern for me going into GT5 because GT5 Prologue was a little sterile in its 'career' mode. I am happy to find that GT5 is not like that. I jumped straight into A-Spec for some racing but dip back into the license levels when I feel like and thats after I have enjoyed a liberal sprinkling of special events which unlock as you progress and provide additional challenges for the driver. I think the way cars are given away as you complete challenges are well thought out in my experience so far. I've had to buy very little to continue my progression and when it comes to buying cars - even in GT5 spending virtual money I'm a tight wad :) I don't find the way the cars are delivered boring, its nice to get a glimpse of them before I move on in case that car could be used in an event I've not yet entered. The closest comparison I have to GT5's 'career' mode is Forza 3 and I found that quite boring comparing it to GT5.

    Car graphics:
    I agree that some of the cars look poor compared to the premium cars, they do look like ports from GT4 that have been given a quick make over, this was a dissapointment for me and the reason I marked it down in my score in another thread in this forum. As I said above if better quality meant lowering the overall number of cars then I'd have welcomed that.

    I'm not sure why you are criticising this, surely as a driver you want to be challenged, if you could sail through the challenges it would be no fun. My view when I struggle on any particular challenge is I remind myself this challenge is not impossible, they would not possibly make a challenge that you could not beat so I take a deep breath and try again.

    The future of the game:
    I've not seen that 10,000 number mentioned before, I find that difficult to believe also but I do believe they will support it with DLC. Sony have never pushed Polyphony to release GT5 where as I felt Microsoft pushed Turn 10 to get Forza out of the door. With Gran Turismo it feels more like a labour of love where as Forza feels like it was just something Microsoft had to do to offer a competitor to GT on their format. Thats not to say Forza is a bad game, I never had a PS1 or PS2 I started console racing on Forza and then Forza 2 and 3. I enjoy them a lot but Forza was a let down because it felt rushed, almost like Sony had called their bluff into releasing early with the threat of Gt5 just around the corner. Just like an F1 team bluffs another over a pitstop by sending out their mechanics and then calling them back in while the other team reacts Forza 3 should have been in development for another year.

    DLC for Forza often feels like its just a convenient cash. GT5 has already received a patch based on suggestions from players for weight and power restrictions for online lobbies. I posted in the official forums a long time ago asking for a simple set of rule changes to allow for a staggered race start for a rally style event, a number of other users also requested this and nothing ever changed. The rules they did have in place we broken so that each person starting would not only set a time but also have the time they were sat in line added - pointless! GT5 feels like it has more passion to me.

    Good post though, while I don't agree on everything you've posted, especially about the tracks I do agree with some of your well thought out points. GT5 won't please everyone, my friend who I mentioned at the start of my reply is selling his copy despite me trying to get him to stick with it a while longer.
  10. This turned out to be quite an interesting read as there are quite alot of mixed feelings about the game, personally the damage isnt such a big deal for me, i like the ocasionall oil change and how the engine wears out quite unique but for smashing the car up im not fussed, i always thought the aim of a race was to keep it clean and refrain from smashing your car into a wall, so even if the damage was 100% correct i would probably turn it off, this may be due to forza 3 and being wiped out on the first corner or catching a wall and looking like you had some kinda smash on burnout, so on that subject im happy with it, the cockpit view once again does not fuss me i always use bumper cam so its no big issue, once again this maybe due to forza as i found being in cockpit view in some cars pointless as it had no movement at all and the steering wheel on turned a tiny bit but hey im picky, the tracks im not going to comment yet as i cant due to only really racing a few, the ones i have ran i quite enjoy, this maybe down to the fact im a wheel racer not pad i think you get to feel more, maybe im wrong as i dont know which you use. Length of the game, once again not too fussed i always expected the game to require some major time spent playing but i guess which GT hasnt required hours and hours to finish, Car graphics i think are exceptional (if thats how you spell it) i only just came over to ps3 and GT but in comparrison to forza its without doubt alot better, i didnt play so much of GT4 so cant comment on previous graphics of the cars, may check it out though, the only issue i have with the game is the difficulty, the AI is abit to basic for my liking, i prefer a real battle for that number 1 spot, some times ill get that but then other races ill be ahead of the AI by about 3-4 seconds early pn and they do use a poor racing line and have a " im coming through like it or not " kind of method, so that the only real complaint i have but once im steadily progressing through the career ill aim to hit the online more and hopefully with a few of you guys, the future of the game, i think its got a great future ahead of itself, theres so much to do and take in at the mo that i hope they hold stuff back and let everyone enjoy the game as it is then once the hypes died down release new stuff to make people fall in love with it again, i know this is a GT5 forum but i pray that it doesnt go the same way as forza did release of DLC every month with one car being the new best car in its class and the rest just there for the fun of it because it did leave a sour taste in my mouth and to top it off they are release the forza 3 ultimate edition which is forza 3 with all the DLC for free with it for £20 if im not mistaken, that alone is a kick in the ***** and to top it off the game was a rushed failure to prevent people moving onto GT5 ... Anyway hope i dont bore you guys with this and obviously being new to the site hope i dont offend anyone or sound like im a know it all. Theirs my opinion if anyone agree's/disagree's please let me know and have a discussion about it .
  11. :eek: You DO realize that it's a basically one sentence? Quit a hard read if you ask me.
  12. Not sure what was astrixed out there but lets keep it clean everyone. Another good post Steve (if a little hard to read because there were no paragraphs) Like you I hope the DLC is thought out and released in a timely manner. Sony have soo much scope to merchandise this in other ways and I'm surprised there is nothing in the Playstation HOME shopping district yet, I was kinda hoping to pick up a race suit and helmet :)

    I may be wrong here but I get the feeling listening to interviews with Kazunori Yamauchi that DLC will be more like an artist returning to a piece of work because he isn't quite happy with an aspect of it, it needs to be perfect so the artist keeps returning. I don't want to sound like I don't like Forza because I still very much enjoy the game but like you felt a little disheartened when I saw that the Forza 3 Ultimate Edition was coming. This was partly down to my desire to give my existing copy to a relative to get him racing but my original copy was the collectors edition that I paid good money for and the Ultimate Edition just looks like a run of the mill 'Game of the Year' edition that companies put out that includes the content. I don't mind the fact that the content is on there, I've already paid for it and enjoyed it and if it gets new people in then great but from what I've heard this extra content in the Ultimate Edition may not be released for existing customers, not even those who paid extra for a collectors edition.

    Criticism is fine, lets keep this thread constructive with any criticism.
  13. Sorry about it being hard to read guys, ill try and sort that next time i post. About the ultimate edition of forza it is abit poor that even though so many people paid such a high amount for the collectors edition and bought all previous DLC, they still want to get more out of the people, thats why i ended up getting rid of the game and many other reasons.
    On to the topic of DLC for GT5, I agree with you kevin, by the sounds of it Kaz intends to perfect the game in the areas it is lacking instead of charge more and more for new content, personally i prefer that as the games loaded with stuff yet to be explored, why add even more which will either get missed out or over looked. All in all im happy and confident with what GT5 has to offer :).
  14. Patch wise i think they should.

    1. Make the AI brake later, drive faster in order to avoid all the brake checking business, perhaps a difficulty setting for slower/faster people. And enable full damage at much lower level, have an option for it. Allow fine adjustments of gear ratios (not sure if it unlocks later), at the moment its just a max top speed setting for quickly setting the ratios, previous GT games allowed full control over all gears and the final ratio.

    DLC wise - Drag strip/Test Course for top speed, 400m and 1000m please, a premium Bugatti Veyron (One of the greatest sports cars of all time and its a standard) and anything else is bonus, those things i think are really needed.
  15. Though drag racing holds no interest for me, perhaps they could open up a new section on the Top Gear Test Track for it?
  16. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Exactly what I would like to see in the next patch, particularly the bolded bits. In addition, I would like to see:

    1. Sensitivity sliders for steering and pedals. (Wheels)

    2. A setting to determine the general length of career races, as they're currently too short for me.

    3. Controls to customise the amount of data shown on the HUD. I really don't want all that rubbish on my screen.
  17. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    The thing im dissapointed with is the fact that most of the cars from past GT's have returned. i still like forza 3 car lineup better. i've been playing GTR EVO/RACE ON for a month now i enjoy it more than GT5 . Way more better tracks on GTR EVO.
  18. reading most of this, its really alot.., i think to my self.. the experiance of driving is great, im yet to receive my fanatec wheel now doing it the controller still its amazing.

    the graphics i dont care too much about.. yeah i liked how alive they were with shift.. but its the racing that appeals to me.

    and this is my first gt version so yeah. quite happy.
  19. I think the format of the game has always been suspect for me. I have not got to latter stages of the game yet so what i say may be ill informed however... i am assuming that there are no race series and i am assuming there is no qualifying.

    This is what i like about F1 games, you need to spend a long time practicing in order to be able to put in a good lap time in order to do well in qualifying so that you stand a chance in the race. With GT (all formats) they dump you in the middle of the grid and away you go. You can race over powered cars so the incentive to really learn the tracks is minimised.

    I don't like this. GT5 should be about full on race series' with much more competition and an incentive to really put the practice laps in. It's always felt lightweight in comparison to F1 games and for me it still does.

  20. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I agree with you BG1973. Also i dont agree with Polyphony Digital calling GT "The Real Driving Simulator". I also dont like the small selection of tracks.My friends think GT5 Is the best driving game ever but thats because they dont try any other driving games.