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Skins Graham Racing Team Car Skin 1.5

Replaces hrt

  1. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/graham-racing-garage.67665/

    Miles submitted a new resource:

    Graham Racing Team Car Skin (version 1.1) - Replaces hrt

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Let me know of any improvements to be made..... I'll post regular updates ;)
  3. great car, but may be a side view will be better ^^
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  4. I'll put one in.... ;) It's my first decent skin...
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  5. Hello Miles! Shouldn't you made only one thread, with all those mods? It would be a lot more easier to us, because after a few days, some mods may be on a page and some other on another one.
  6. Thats why he put link of other part on first post
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  7. I understand, but I am having to use dropbox to upload as when I use RD, the folders show up as empty when I try to upload...... Any tips would help!
  8. Yes, but only one thread would be a lot better, in my opinion. I like to check for updates only one thread, instead of three.
  9. I see, sorry!
  10. He cant, if i was able to put it all together... everything will be on the same tread, but now he made separate link... also, he cant put everything together, one upload= one new tread. Its not that bad to click to the link he gave up there.

    For 1997 mod i did the same way
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  11. So what do you think?
  12. You know better than me, I have never uploaded a file on this forum, but you did. Sorry for not knowing how the upload works!

  13. It's a horrible system!!!
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  14. Not so bad, some place is worst than here

    The only complain i got here, not enough categorie on ressource directories
  15. Yes, it needs some modifications.
    Anyway, the car looks pretty good, but I won't use this mod, since I don't have HRT anymore, after installing Mr Pibbs 2013 mod. You may need to work at logos placement, the DHL one doesn't look very good, but for one of your first ( or maybe first ) mod, it isn't bad.
  16. Yes, I'll try and fix that now ;)
  17. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace