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GPS, Lidar and BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by TOFFEE, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Ok all of you track gurus.How to find GPS data or LIDAR ones online for the following street circuits Detroit Belle Isle,Toronto Exhibition Place,Surfers Paradise,St.Petersburg,Durban.I`ve been googling for a long time but to no avail.Should I do it myself and if yes how to do it without a GPS device(I`m not even talking about a laser scanner:))If I make a path in Google Earth and save it as a KML file to import into BTB it will not be very accurate method.How would all of you experienced track makers do it?I would be appreciate for any help or if it`s possible for a step-by-step tutorial.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. there are somewhere out there a load of tutorials on how to use and setup google earth track layouts but when my computer crashed last year I lost a lot of my tutorials that I had saved otherwise i would have uploaded them again....I cant seem to find them any more I think they uploaded to the old rsc site? but I'm sure somebody out there still has a copy so if they could re up it to the downloads section that would be great :D:cool:
  3. It would be awesome if someone who has those tutorials on how to use and setup Google Earth track layouts be so kind and upload them to the Downloads Section please.
  4. I'm Reliably informed the vids in question are titled ...Vman's GE to BTB Video Tutorials so if any body out there has them could they please re-up them:wink:
  5. forget the last previous thread I've located a copy of mine luckily I'm a bit of a packrat ond located them on an old system backup so I'll re-up them as soon as I've extracted them.:cool::D
  6. This is really great news James Capper.:cool:Thank you very much for your effort.
  7. Just posted vmans tutorials on mainpage let me know if there any good...catch ya later
  8. Thank you very much for uploading these tutorials.They are really helpful.Fortunately I`ve found different better method of doing the same thing with less work and better end results using 3D Route Builder.Anyways,thanks again for your upload
  9. an easier way ......pray do tell since I have a version of that on my system somewhere
    it would be great if I could achieve the same objective the in less time. And does it work for closed tracks as well as open?:)
  10. here is a tutorial (in spannish) i do not understand what he say but i did the same as him and it worked

  11. That's not what were trying to achieve..... that we can already do. the problem is there is no height data so these tracks come out totaly flat, which is not good.
    But thanks any way.
  12. OK,this is what do and I`m sure it`s the best way to get pretty accurate height data from GE into BTB in the shortest time.This method requires 3D Route Builder installed.First thing you have to do is making a path in GE, but don`t join up start and end points,make sure and leave a gap between these two points which should be equal to the node spacing.Save the path as KML file.Next go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/elevation and in the Upload a file box insert your saved KML file from GE.Then choose Output format(choose GPX) and click Convert & add elevation button.Save it and rename the file to yourtrackname.gpx ,for example LagunaSeca.gpx if you make this track.That`s it,you`ve got elevation data of your track, but obviously they aren`t very accurate,because I`ve seen many times wrong height data from GE like from 15-20 or even higher feet spikes in the track itself,not accurate at all,right?That`s why we need a program like 3D Route Builder to get better,more accurate elevation data and smooth them as well.In 3D Route Builder click FILE\OPEN ROUTE and load your GPX file which you got from GPS VISUALIZER site.When you see the elevation data with an altimeter line showing in the program press Ctrl+A and select in blue all the columns.Next go to ROUTE\ALTITUDE\UPDATE FROM GEO TOOL and see how the program updates the altitude of gpx extracting better,more accurate elevation data.Next in the same menu go to SMOOTHING and mess around with POINT AVERAGING settings.To check out the SMOOTHING amount just zoom in close to the track.When the program finishes the SMOOTHING processing click FILE\EXPORT and save it as GPX file and then EXPORT again,but this time as KML file.Open BTB and go to FILE\IMPORT\GOOGLE EARTH and load your GPX file exported from 3D Route Builder.While importing make sure that OPEN ENDED(POINT TO POINT) in TRACK TYPE section is checked and that ALL in SAMPLING one is checked either ! Don`t worry when you choose OPEN ENDED,you can easily join these two points up in BTB and make it as the START/FINISH line.
    Apart from laser scanning,which is obviously super accurate and the best method of obtaining all kind of data like elevations,coordinates,dimensions of buildings on the track and so on this is the best way of getting pretty accurate GPS data from GE into BTB comparing to other standard "home"methods and doesn`t require the hell of a work.I use this method and I`m really happy with the end results.How to get really accurate data of terrain I use completely different procedure.By the way I use BTB only for a rough layout and terrain and then I import it into 3ds Max and then I start fine tuning a track and terrain mesh by editing polys,UVW mapping,shaders and so on.There`s no way you can get a fantastic-looking track with photo realistic materials ,textures and shaders using just BTB.The reason why so many people uses BTB instead of 3ds Max while building tracks is only one it`s very easy to use,but let`s face it there`s nothing like 3ds Max where you can use different track modelling techniques like lofting(BTB uses technique very similar to lofting in 3ds Max,not exactly the same,but similar and a way much easier to use ),FFB Box modelling etc.Besides, if you have got gMotor2 Tool plugins installed in 3ds Max it`s a lot quicker and easier to make a track and modelling buildings in 3ds Max is such a fun,the hardest part is always finding hi res photo reference material. The difference between a great-looking track and one which looks like crap is very often skin deep.
    I hope it helps.

  13. fancy telling the rest of us then?