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Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Ondrej Kapal, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hi...
    I have problem with login into my GPCOS database... I am not able to login as "Ondrej Kapal"... I have to use this username "Ondřej Kapal" and seriously - what is that? And after login it shows me as my real name that Ondřej instead Ondrej... I tried to contact moderators about 2 weeks ago but it still isn't resolved ... so everything what I ask, can somebody help me and repair it? It is annoying.. Many thanks
  2. will dive into it later on...give me a couple of hours ;)
  3. Ondrej
    I think I know the problem
    GPCOS has problems showing signs on some letters
    here is what I will do and I want you to do
    I will delete the one account with the messed up name and I want you to ask for gpcos to send you a new pw for the other account (as in you have forgotten your pw)
    that will work fine then ;)

    if there are some results that is linked to the one account with the messed up name, let me know by pm with a link on where it is and I will relink your correct account with those results ;)
  4. First time I had account "Ondřej Kapal" - my real name (yes, that caused that problem - ř... so I asked for re-name and it is done but not in GPCOS)
    so, what have I to do - just ask for new PW? Thats all? :)
  5. I will fix that, but as Chris mentioned we encountered issues with special characters.
  6. yes Ondrej
    just ask for a new pw ;)
  7. Got it... =) Thank you