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GPCOS custom update

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stefano Schivari, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Stefano Schivari

    Stefano Schivari

    Hi i'm writing a new standings system for all the simracing games,but in these days i had the idea to convert some scripts that i do and add some features to the old gpcos system (gpcos is the system that RD use for store the race results).
    The gpcos is a good system, but it has a little hard system for add the allocations to the races.
    So i decide to write something simpler and add some features:


    Now for add an allocation you have just to push one button and you will see a count donw with the basic race info + the direct link for join the server.

    This is a sample,i have to change the icons and some stuffs but if some gpcos owner it's interested i can share it,after i solve some bugs.
    And if you have some ideas please contact me,i hope to add more features soon
  2. James Gahagan

    James Gahagan

    Hi Stefano,

    I would be very interested in this changes you have made. Please do contact me on james.gahagan 'at' virtualcraft.co.uk

    Good work.