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GPCOS comments

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, May 22, 2013.

  1. Back in 2010 I wanted to make the post-race GPCOS comments mandatory in order to try to make us seem a bit more professional, and to generate some content for our Press.

    However since then we've seen some unprofessional behaviour and 1-2 word comments happen frequently, while people who miss the deadline by 1 minute receive warnings/penalty points.

    So after thinking about it for a while, I've decided to remove all warnings & penalties given for late GPCOS comments this year, and make GPCOS comments completely voluntary.
  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Wise move, the rule was kind of ridiculous being mandatory.
  3. I think it should be mandatory for the top 3 drivers or some thing like that. Or then have a interview in the broadcast after the race with top 3 drivers.
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  4. I think they do that on GlacierTV for some long races at iRacing. After the race they interview the top 3 drivers or something like that
  5. I tried to put this in the rules before the season, but the teams rejected it.
  6. Actually the TOA was "clever" enough to refuse any rule that would make availability to the Press compulsory.
  7. I think only 4-5 hours after the race is very short deadline to post comment. Some of us have to go after the race and have no time for writing comments. If you make post-comments voluntary, then nobody will post comments. Leave it mandatory, but give us longer time to post them like Monday 23:59. Just it's my opinion.
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  8. You can still write them if you want, but I won't be enforcing them.

    As I said:
    That's enough reason to not enforce them.