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GP2 2014 @ Silverstone GP

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by John Oliver, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. hears my setup for this car best time so far 1:39.7 Silverstone gp (new upload)

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  3. 1:41 is the best time ive seen yet not made by the guy who designed the physics!! i know ur using exploits eduard ;D
  4. a 1:39 :)
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  6. ?? how do you figure/why would he lie anyway? lol
  7. I adjusted the setup made it less over steer :)
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  8. heh, probably bc he isnt trying to prove anything/show anyone up? just seeing for himself what the car can do as he did do the physics for it. anyway you can pretty much eyeball that its a ~1:40.
  9. :) new setup at top of page
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  10. It's not a really fast time, also it's done with 20l so I guess with a better setup and less fuel you can get to 39 med or low.
  11. I tweaked your damping and in just 10 mins down to 40.407 feals far more stable now I can see a 1:39
  12. Thanks guys
  13. In your setup the fuel level is 1L which means u hotlap with fuel rate off ;) I think you forgot to adjust it before uploading the setup.
  14. I've never seen this before in my life. All of the damper settings are flat. Nothing else seems to work on this mod.Either, 3 or 5 or ultimately 8. What sorcery is this. In at least 70% cases Rebound is higher than Bump as well as FST then regular damper! It's common knowledge. Are we missing something here?
  15. I used this setup laptime nearly the same 1.39.948 :D
    Good Setup car feels pretty stable :)

  16. got a low 39 with your setup....lowered fuel to 10l and did some tweaking on dampers....
  17. Please, can you tell me, where you downloaded the F1 scoreboard? It's very beatiful
  18. you no how to add fuel right :)
  19. You can find it in the latest version of the mod. It's called f12014hud. You can also find it in the assetto corsa forum
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