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GP2 2014 Season All cars

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Mods' started by chargingcar, Mar 25, 2014.

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  2. We are very fortunate to have you as a part of our team!!!
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  3. thank,s m8 , will try my best to make as many textures as I can , at least we are doing something that I love doing specially F1 related topics , but this GP2 car is insane to drive , feels awesome! great work :thumbsup:
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  4. A massive smile is on my face right now, huge fan of F1sr and glad to see your efforts will carry on under F1ASR, cant wait to try this and future mods :)
  5. They awesome with the physics m8 , that car is the most fun I have had on rFactor 2 could drive it all day :thumbsup:
  6. Time to move on to the serious mods that I have done my apprenticeship lol
  7. Congraz pal, Im sure you will do great,
    Already a great year for simracers just got a whole lot greater with this news, Thank you all for your efforts
  8. Yes would be a great year if RD started making room for Project CARS , can not understand why that choice was made not to include uploads , as when the game is released things might change but they could have had at least 200 uploads from the community :whistling:
  9. Just the wings to finish now :thumbsup: Untitled-2.png
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  10. :whistling: GP2 2014 EQ8 Caterham #19 A.Rossi.jpg
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  11. ;) GP2 2014 EQ8 Caterham #18 Rio.jpg
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  12. Untitled-1.jpg
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  13. Joel


    Wow! Those are looking really pretty! Maybe it's just me having no rF2 modding experience, but are those skins what resolution?
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  14. 4096 all skins m8 , going to be rFactor 2 and maybe 1 , thinking about GSC 2013 , But 100% AC as well as soon as the tools come out :thumbsup:
  15. Joel


    Awesome :D
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  16. F1 ASR Team Modding , we are doing the full GP2 2014 Season and the full F1 2014 Season for rFactor2 and assetto corsa , but maybe GSC as well we will see how the easy the conversion is with the tools that got posted last week m8 :thumbsup:
  17. F1 2014 Ferrari :thumbsup: just a teaser for you m8
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  18. Joel


    Dude! It's evening for me! I won't be able to sleep anymore! :p Too awesome for me to rest... It sounds so promising!!!! :sneaky:
  19. There is a great team of modders at ASR m8 , I think there is about 7-8 full F1 2014 cars all finished and accurate like that Ferrari , And the GP2 cars are finished just making the skins for them now ,
    The GP2 season will be released very soon we hope , and F1 2014 season we have some cars in rfactor2 to test out already so hopefully they will be all finished in the next month or so ,
    But would be awesome to release this GP2 2014 Season on rFactor 1-2 , GSC 2013 & Assetto Corsa , :thumbsup:
  20. Joel


    If you have any need for some early testing, I'll be happy to help :thumbsup: How are you guys calculating the car physics?