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  1. Somebody said that there is a problem with the bahaviour of the car.

    Can somebody also test the car?
    Is it undriveable.

  2. Please when somebody vote a low rating explain why.

    I can try to fix problems to make it better.
  3. It's not undriveable to me. For some reason, don't know if from update or my bad, I had the autopit active and when leaving the pits, it seemed to be lacking power, but when I disabled autopit and drove myself, it was normal.
    Cant review much more than this as I know nothing about moding and have never driven a real GP2 car. :p
    Just noticed that tyre flat spots are not felt in the ffb.
  4. This is what is happening to me. Only the 2009 and 2010 cars, not the 2008
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  5. Ah oke i see it indeed.

    I self drive never with autopit.
    Indeed there is something wrong with the speedlimiter.

    I fix it and upload the mods again.
    Thank you @still_guns to post it.
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  6. Yeah, this isn't just with the pit limiter on, and this is with auto-pit off. And when auto pit is on, the car just stops
  7. hi guys i instal the mod but i cant find the mod in game :( any help
  8. Open your series dir and rename reiza55.srs and reiza55.tga to:

    GP2_10.srs and GP2_10.tga
  9. many thanks solvet but i have same problem whit the
    Pirelli World Challenge and whit eec adac gt masters
    if you now how to rename and that :(
  10. Just give it a name, not important what name
  11. thanks i try to name gtr and gt3 but nothing im not see and the tga. icons anyway thank you again
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016