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  1. Franklin Stegink submitted a new resource:

    GP2 2006 - GP2

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  2. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Looks very nice but where is the sound?
  3. Look at the topic

    First you must install the 2005 mod.
    In that one there are the sounds.

    Its the base mod for all the other one.
  4. hello,thanks for the mod,i question,i cant see the series in yhe game can you help me thanks
  5. What is the latest reiza number you have in your series folder.
  6. ionONE1


    Created a small preview video
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  7. I downloaded all your GP2 cars, and the series badge is interfering with skins of the Reiza GP FReiza and FExtreme cars, but nothing else (such as seeing giant GP2 on nose of cars)
  8. 99
  9. 99 is all cars and tracks. He means the number before 99 e.g. 26
  10. is ok i change the number in the series and know work thanks
  11. Still working on better tires for that car.

    Old tires:
    GP2_Old_Tires1.jpg GP2_Old_Tires2.jpg

    New tires:
    GP2_New_Tires1.jpg GP2_New_Tires2.jpg
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  12. I just installed GP 2006 season and can't see it in game. :unsure:
    Any ideas ?
    GP 2005 is fine.
  13. What actions did you take when installing them?
  14. Actions ?
    Well I took all the usual actions, I moved folder with 2006 cars into appropriate folder (right next to the 2005) and I didn't move two files from "series" folder since, I double checked it!, they are indentical as the ones that comes with 2005 mod.
    And now I'm really puzzled.
    Could the problem be with "categories" line in srs/veh files ? :unsure: I didn't change anything.
    Too bad cause I make really good onboard cameras with 2005 mod and thought share it with community. I know I could share them right now but I want to test cameras with some mod other than 2005.
    Last edited: May 3, 2016
  15. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    I did not install these yet so I try a shot in the dark: 2006 should not appear as a separated entry in the menu list but rather like a second selection of opponents in the next screens… and their is a naming problem with the game! You probably have 2 times the same name for opponents but 1st one should be 2005, 2nd one 2006. It is the same problem with the F3 below: in the "opponent" column we have twice "Formula 3 Brasil" instead of F301 and F309.
    Reiza is aware of the problem, they should fix it at one point…
  16. Please can you make a screenshot of your series folder and post it here.
    I fix a solution for you than.