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Got my GT3 RS V1 -> V2 Upgrade kit

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Dietmar, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Ordered it for installing it myself....

    Would do that different the next time, I think they charge 40€ for the installation, hard earned money I can tell you, took me a couple of hours. Read the instructions before, thought that's an easy one.

    If you are an unpatient person... save you life and let them do it:)!

    Main pitfall for me, I followed Roy's instructions (thanks for that), but in my case i first had to bring back the big fan and then the PCB, because the PCB makes the screws inaccessible.
    But putting the PCB after the fan was in was also more difficut as these few words, nothting special readlly, there is just not enoght space. Gentel force and trying it in 10000 positions made it.

    There came a new fan with the new package, should I have replaced the small fan with that? Maybe, at least after the installation there is a fan running right from the beginning.

    Driving experience I do not know yet, just did one function confirmation lap and need sleep now.
  2. I have to disagree with you.....
    I am a noob when it comes to electronics, also do I have big fingers....
    But I had to many V1 wheels (3), so sending them in was not an option for me.

    I followed Roys very good description, The bigger fan was very tight to get back, but it was np, it took not long time to get all sorted.

    Wheels is now just awsome, and it feels big difference compared with V1, especially at gear paddles.

    Great thing of Fanatec to offer all customers:D

    And the best thing with Fanatec is that you after warranty time is out, still can buy spare parts....TRY THAT WITH LOGITECH............
  3. ReDi

    Slightly Mad Studios

    You have to have done it a few times before you know how to deal with the big fan and the main PCB. Usually it works without force but you need to get the knack :wink:

    The smaller fan is a quieter fan than the old one.

    The fan running from the beginning has nothing to do with the fan but with the firmware. By default it runs from start-up. If you only want to have it turn on when the wheel gets hot, you can switch the fan mode using the following procedure:

    - switch on the wheel
    - the wheel will start the autocalibration by turning fully right
    - when it turns left towards the center position again, catch the wheel just before the center position is reached and keep it there
    - press all four lower buttons on the horizontal spokes of the wheel (buttons 2, 4, 6 and 8 as shown in the GT3 manual on page 10)
    - now turn the wheel manually to the center position while holding the buttons
    - the wheel's display will briefly show the firmware version (681), and then it will show "off". The fan will stop. Relase the four buttons.

    If you want to switch the fan mode to continuously on again, repeat the procedure above and in the last step the wheel's display will show "on" again instead of "off", and the fan starts spinning again.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, will try that!

    And don't get me wrong, I am not at all angry with Fanatec because of that. I still like the idea about providing the upgrade kit, which I indeed see as good service especially for the money they offer it (ok, the time between ordering & sending money and the actual delivery is not optimal, but let's leave that aside :) ).
  5. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    You can also do this with logitech.
  6. Not when I had my G25 broke 3 days after 2 years warranty had been ended. it was absolute not possible to buy the shifter connectors from them,
    And they demand all broke wheels to be destroyed before a new one is delivered. so theres not much used parts aviable
  7. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    The opposite happened to me. :) I was sold a new set of pedals for a driving force pro.
  8. I also bought the upgrade kit. It was quite easy to install. Just follow the extensive instructions that I found at www.911wheel.de.
    It is good to hear from someone else that there was a big difference after the installation of the upgrade kit. I'm very pleased with the wheel and also Fanatec. The upgrade kit was worth waiting for!
  9. Did in the meantime some more testing after I managed to resolve with ReDi's help an issue that I ran into:

    I am really pleased with the experience after the upgrade and good to see that others did not have the issue with the installation I had.
  10. Just installed my GT3 RS V2 kit and now I have two problems:

    - The wheel doesnt recongnices more than 270 degrees or something
    - I have no FFB ingame. FFB from the property page works fine

    I ve 107 driver and have tried to deinstall and reinstall it

    I need help
  11. ReDi

    Slightly Mad Studios

    After upgrading, you'll have to adjust the settings on the on-wheel display when using it on a PC. Set the rotation angle ('Sen') to Off if you want to set it in the Porsche Wheel Properties screen, and FFB should be set to 100.

    Here's what you could start with:

    SEn: Off (set rotation angle in driver)
    FF: 100 (FFB level)
    Sho: 0 (no vibration motors)
    dri: 0...2 (drift mode, higher values than 2 might cause oscillations)
    AbS: Off (only works with CSP connected to wheel, determines at which pedal position the vibration motor turns on)
    Lin: 0 (steering linearity, keep at 0 unless needed)
    dEA: 0 (dead zone)
    SPr: 0 (center spring)
    dPr: 0 (damper)

    Make sure that all connectors are plugged properly as well.
  12. almost solved ...

    it looks that the profiles int he wheel override the values of the control panel, wasn't that way in V1
  13. I only had one problem when doing the upgrade yesterday.

    The big fan came in conflict with the "big" black condensator at the left hand side of the PCB (between "1" and "x" in Roy Visser's manual). Had do carve a bit of plastic off the underneath of the fan casing to fit it back (still I had to use some pressure when mounting it). It looks like the heat spreader on the FFB motor is glued on - and probably not in the exact same spot on all models (otherwise everyone would get into this problem).

    I think it would fit better if the PCB was mounted the other way around, but then some of the cables would have to be extended (especially the one placed in plug "1").