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Got my 3DRap.it shifter mod, and here are my thoughts

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by St3fan, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. St3fan


    I literally spent a fortune this holiday season on my aluminum profile rig, which means I have absolutely no budget to upgrade my setup and have to stick to my G27. I ran into this 3DRap.it mod the other day on r/simracing, and thought the idea was fun. So I ordered this mod, which cost 13 Euros, and ~7 US dollars for shipping.

    Link for the mod: http://www.3drap.it/prodotto/mod-cambio-gearbox-logitech-g25-g27-g29-improved-feel/

    This mod is supposed to add resistance for G27 H shifter so it becomes more demanding to get into gears. Here is the demonstration video from their Youtube channel:

    The package came in nicely:

    Basically the mod consists of 2 parts: a black "rail" part, and an orange "slider" part. The idea is very simple: the slider can slide left and right in the rail, and due to the shape of the slider it creates some resistance so G27 is harder to get into gear.

    Here are my thoughts after using it for a while:
    1. The added resistance does feel nice.
    2. But sadly it still doesn't change the experience a lot IMHO. The G27 shifter still feels like a toy.
    3. What keeps the black rail part in place are the foam parts on the G27, and the PU leather shifter cover. Because the slider will deform when you shift gears, the slider will give upward force to the rail, causing the rail to rise a bit. This does not feel nice. Notice in the picture above when I show how the shifter is in gear I use my fingers to push down the rail. I can feel something is wonky inside the shifter when I drive. It can be very tricky to get into reverse gear sometimes, due to the extra effort needed to push the shifter down while shifting. I think maybe if the rail can be better attached to the shifter the experience will be much nicer.
    4. The seller includes a replacement slider in the package, which I think means that the slider will wear out some time (which also makes sense). This means I should not glue the rail part to the shifter to solve the aforementioned issue, or I will have a hard time getting the rail off when I need to replace the slider.
    Do I recommend this mod? Maybe, maybe not. I probably will give a 6/10 or 7/10 for this mod. If you live in the Europe and don't have to spend a lot for shipping, and if you are sure you will stick to your G25/G27/G29 for a while, and if you want just some easy added feeling for the shifter, then I think maybe you can consider this mod. I would say for most people, the best thing to do if you want a really good H shifter is to save for something that is much better than the G27 shifter in the first place.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  2. DaVeX↯


    The idea is good but poorly executed, real problem here are materials used. PLA isn't a good choice for this kind of mods, better use ABS or similar...
    Btw there are a lots of mods which helps to improve the g27 shifter feeling jut google for them (some G25 mods can be applyed to G27 too)
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  3. Crispin Williamson

    Crispin Williamson
    Washed up Supermoto racer in an MDF box in York Premium

    I had this, it made the shift feel a bit better but as stated the materials are weak. I had to file mine smooth to make it shift nicely as well. In a race last week it moved and then snapped. Now in the bin, definitely won't buy again