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Got it

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Theo de Bruin, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. I just bought rFactor this afternoon. After seeing that incredible F1 video I just couldn't resist anymore... :p
    Game is at the latest version and I allready downloaded the F1 2005 mod (CDTP), the F1 1979 mod (+ track pack), the PCC 2007 mod, Champ car mod and the excellent Renault megane mod... yes... I have been busy :D

    And now for the obvious question: what else do the rFactor pro's around here recommend? Any cars I can't miss? What are the best tracks? Etc.

    Also I have been downloading from rFactorcentral, is there other sites that also offer downloads I won't find on RFC? I'm an rFactor noob so please some guidance...? :p :D
  2. Welcome in Rfactorcountry Theo, I see you have some nice mods allready.
    The F1MMG07 is a great mod to drive now ( get the trackpack as well)
    Most action online is in the Megane and the F1MMG ,hope to see you there!:thumb:
  3. I got rFactor about the same time as Race 07 though to be honest I haven't been on it much! Whats the best default season to enter for a beginner (on single player that is :D)?

  4. Lol, to be honest...... i never started the single player season :D
    I think its better to get the Megane mod and start your practice there.
    Good luck :thumb:
  5. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling
    Premium Member

    Yes there are lots of pickup racing in the meganes, though some of the 48 car servers can get a little crazy at times, :)

    Dont forget the V8's

    As for anywhere other that RFC, To be honest you dont need anymore, Unless you are after illegal mods, RFC is 100% legal content
  6. Downloading now! :thumb:

    I'll also check out the F1MMG07 mod! :cool:
  7. Also just got my hands on rFactor, I must say Im very impressed.
    Ive found a mod I like and boy is it fun. Proper british racing with real british engineering. Yes Im talikng cars of car the original mini.

    Oh so mutch fun Mini Cross Linky
  8. Get's a bit addicting to get all those mods (MORE cars, MORE tracks!!!) :D I have it installed for a week now and my rFactor folder is allready over 10GB big!!! :eek:
  9. I and many others I play with love the BMW E21 mod, great fun to drive.

    I have also been really really enjoying the MMG F1 2007 mod from rFcentral, these MMG guys have really really given Geoff Crammond a very very good run for his money!!! I actually think this F1 mod kicks the **** out of any other F1 game/mod I have tried so far on any game.

    Also the MMG trackpack from Round 1 to Round 5 is really really fun, and these seem to be the most played tracks on the rFactor lobby for the MMG F1 2007 mod. But I have not seen these on rFcentral though so I have no clue as to weather these have been officially released or not.

    The RallyCross Group B cars are also very very fun if you just want to have a less intense racing experience.

    The tracks for the RallyCross Group B cars can be found here.

    hope this has been some help to you, and look forward to seeing you on rF asap!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.