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Got a wheel now

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Well we had come to visit family for the week for Christmas and there was a gent here that had a used but almost brandnew looking Logitech MoMo so I picked it up pretty cheap. WoW, what a difference from the Flight Stick...hahaha It took me quite a few laps to start to get use to it, but I think it's coming together. I am back down to a 1:44 lap time at laguna in the MX-5, and have even hit a 1:43 once. I do not understand what a few people are doing to hit 1:41's. If you are one of those people that can hit that time is there any chance that I could get you to send me a replay to see what exactly you are doing.
  2. Not mine, but found this within 10 seconds on YT ;)

  3. They are hitting 41's as from that video they look to have adjusted the gear ratios and whatever else. I cant adjust my ratios, why is that? My best so far is a 43.3 with a 43.6 as a race lap but i know there is a fair bit more to find. That gear ratio in that vid look setup with much longer gears

    Class D btw so maybe that's why i can not adjust the ratios
  4. Congrats on the new wheel!
  5. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Waheeey, congrats. No more hoping to fly over cars to overtake with your joystick now ;)
  6. lol, there have been a few times that I wished that was an option Abdul...lol... Too funny
  7. Nope...The gear ratio in this video is stock setup, I can promisse you that. Also the setup in MX5 series is fixed. I hit 1.41.9xx once offline, and my best online is at 1.42.1
    I can be much faster than that as I know what I do wrong, just can't do it correctly yet.
    I should hit 1.41.xxx online within a couple days.
    1.41.xxx is also common when you race in higher splits.

    So are 58.xxx at LRP
  8. Because this is the Roadster version of the MX-5, which has 5 gears. You probably use the Cup version, which has 6 gears. Gear ratios can't be changed in both cars :)
  9. Ah thanks, yes it did seem different as some corners he was taking in 3rd when i would normally be well into 4th. Thanks for that
  10. Congrats on finally getting hold of a wheel Joe.

    It will be like a whole new experience for you now without the flight-stick, although you were pretty nifty with it I have to say. Just a good job the Mazda's on Sunday night @ Summit Point didn't come with mounted machine guns, otherwise we would have all been toast, lol.

  11. It seems that the harder I try to get to that time the further I get from it...lol... I think I'm just going to take a step back regroup and find a better line. I can hit 1:43 but it seems to be pushing it for now. Practice practice practice...lol...
  12. Late breaking is the key at Laguna... Also do not over drive T2 (the hairpin) and T3 (the 100 degrees right)... Stay on the inside for T2 (a good passage into 3rd gear with the roadster at the exit of T2 is at 16.6/16.7secs of your lap.) and try to dive in T3 pretty early...
    The fast curb going uphill, before the corkscrew is also a key corner... DO NOT TOUCH THE BRAKES there... you got to practice to dive by releasing JUST a little bit the accelerator. A good exit speed out of this corner is at about 88mph... A perfect corner, you don't go under 87mph at all and you touch the rev while slightly drifting it... You need to keep as muhc momentum as possible to climb the hill.
    Then late breaking at the corkscrew to dive in directly into it. By late breaking, I mean right after the sign at the very top (2 or 3, I don't remember the number). You need to have a consistant breaking to enter it right away at the perfect speed. You basically let go of the brake once you dive in, to accelerate again right away.
    For the right curb/corner after, let go off everything to enter in and reaccelerate right away. With the roadster, there is no need to touch the brakes if you have a good trajectory. Just a downshift into 3rd...
    Last corner... well... last corner lol. I hate this one,You need to cut it as much as possible without getting an off track. Diving in quite early is a good solution, though be careful not to re-acceleate on the grass which is a ***** and can make you loose .5sec just like that...

    Hope it helps :)

    PS: once again it takes TONS of practice... I talk a lot but can't do a perfect lap yet... When I drive the track correctly and COULD reach 1.41, I end up doing a tiny mistake somewhere that makes me loose time... :)
    My Optimal is at 1.41.3 or something... though my best is pretty far at 1.42.1... This track is really vicious lol
  13. Thank you everyone for the pointers, and thanks alot Flavien for typing all of that out. Since I can't really race here due to internet issues I've been testing and I have it down pretty good to where I can hit 1:43's and 1:44's no problem.. it's that last second or two that is killing me...hehehe I'll trying the late braking and see if I can get it just right.
  14. I have the Logitech MoMo and I love it!! Had it for a few years now. From what I understand the MX cup is a little better on longer tracks with a little more top speed whilst the MX roadster is better on the tighter tracks. I've found this to be the case at Lime Rock..the gear ratios work much better for me on the MX roadster there.
  15. Paul,

    I have the Logitech MOMO FFB

    Do you have a profile setup for iRacing in Logitech Profiler?

    Also, I sometimes have issues with the brakes when I log in from one day to the next. The slightest touch will see the wheels lock up, and I have to spend an age re-calibrating. How do you have your wheel/pedals setup within the sim?

  16. Daz--I dont use the profiler, its running but I havent messed with it. I just use the calibration screen in Iracing. I'll have to check settings but they are default except for FFB which I set at about 20. I havent had any problems...perhaps the pot on your brake pedal is dirty or wearing out?? I'll check my settings and report back.
  17. My MoMo does the same thing with the brakes. I almost certainly have to recalibrate it after shutting the computer down or restarting it. However during the day going in and out of iracing and doing other things it's fine.