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Got a problem for my helmet

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    i made my first attempt to do an helmet but now its not looking very well. Why its too shiny ?

    - I've save my template in TGA
    - After in DDS
    - Export with Ryder tools...

    Look the difference between the skin and ingame !
  2. I can't find the mistake oder What's wrong oder Whats exactly wrong
  3. Wrong section -.-
  4. Wrong section.... no section exist, just a sticky so anybody can answer this!

    I'm surprised to saw nobody can answer to this problem when we got a lot of helmet painter here.... so two thing

    1- Very first time this problem appear and nobody know or;
    2- The community dont care about new modder and help them.....
  5. You put it in the F1 2011 game section
  6. F1 2011 Mods section... is what... mod=modification... so my helmet i did and got a problem is a mod ! So i'm in the right section... i will not post my problem with league asking or something not related like that.....
  7. nm didn't understand me..
  8. Yep you're in the correct section hence the helmet request thread ;) I don't see a problem with the pics you posted though as the flat image is just that, flat. When you put your custom helmet in game it then uses the ingame 3D model and has global lighting added etc. To give yourself an idea of how it will look in game you need to have a 3D helmet model and open that in Photoshop then add your flat image to that. Add lights etc and away you go.