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Google Sketchup For BTB's objects

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Robert Gaia, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. :wave:

    Hello everybody,

    I try to use Google Sketchup for create houses, That I included in BTB with Xpacker.

    I realized two tests with a half succes... Some parts of the houses existing in Sketchup are missing in rFactor (on the screen, the windows of the left house, and the Fireplace of the right one).


    My question is which kind of textures may I use of Sketchup, to find them in rFactor? What I hurt? If somebody can explain to me simply how to proceed, it will really help me!

  2. Hi,
    I want want use a sketchup object but with a big file (Bridge, house etc) have problem into BTB and don't work why?
  3. sorry, but bridges are best done with separate track pieces or walls on invisible tracks, not objects.

    edit: don't have r-factor yet so can't help at all on that, unless we can use custom track w/the demo?
  4. Afew tips from using Sketchup

    - Only paint on the "white" face
    - Don't use sketchup textures "import" your own (use tga 32 bit images then switch to dds in xpacker)
    - Don't use the models from sketchup (way to many polys)

    - Export setting for 3ds
    Full hierarchy
    check mark the followings:
    Export texture maps
    Preserving texture coordinates
    Scale - meters
  5. :thumb:

    Thank you so !

    I'll try that soon. I'll come back to feedback !

  6. What do you mean with the "white" face?
  7. When you make a wall you have a front face (white) and a back face(gray)
  8. can anyone create a stepbystep video for noobs, and dummies like me.