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Google Earth Terrain Won't Load In rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by danwilkie90, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I'm having a go at making the Cape Town Grand Prix, I've mapped the mountain with Sketchup using Google Earth and placed it in BTB, but when loading the track in rFactor it gives me some nonsense about an error loading Global Material Google_E1 (One of the textures for the mountain) for texture roada77. I tried changing the .jpegs in the locations folder to .dds files but now it won't even try to load :S
  2. you got the theory right to fix the problem, but at the wrong stage.

    You need to do the texture swap within the btb xpacker in the materials tab near the bottom of the menu. Whilst in xpacker, check all your textures have passed the resolution checker. once done and the xpack updated, export again to rfactor.

  3. The Textures must be in DDS format DX1. And the size in Power of two.

    512x512, 1024x1024, 1024x512, 2048x2048 the max is 4096x4096
  4. I changed all the texures to .dds files, all powers of 2 (512x512) and swapped them all in xPacker but it still can't load it in rFactor, still missing "global Material roada77". Also I've made an Armco Barrier like those found in Monaco with the catch fencing, using the chain link fencing material on Sketchup, but when I load that into rFactor, the gaps in the fence are blank so you can't see through. I just want to make one bloody track but it keeps inventing more problems for me everything I do xD If anyone can put together this one mountain and a couple of other things I need for me in a way that will definately work I'd be bloody grateful!
  5. I'll try and have a look when I get a free moment, just upload the xpack for the mountain first.

    Also, dont use the textures in sketchup, as it doesn't output them.
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  6. Hi,

    I tried it, and it loads without any errors in rFactor. Must be something else.

    As for catch fencing, no just a small image first and let sketchup tile the surface first. when you load it into xpacker, change that small image for a dds file which has transparencies for the catch fencing. Basically a transparent square with a black diamond shape in one of the layers.
  7. Typical that it's just me having that problem, now it won't export my track at all since I added the new fencing, it was taking so long to export even when there were no objects at all. I've uploaded my track so far here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ezxkc3o277d5d52

    If you could just check and see if it works/exports on yours that'd be great, I may have to build the whole track myself then give it to you or someone else in future to export the final product xD I really think this track could be great, especially with the Formula Reiza mod, I love the layout they've come up with, just wish I could just build the damn thing without everything trying to stop me!
  8. Sorry, just tried it and it doesn't work for me either.

    All I'm showing is the track and the terrain, but it's really slow to open and doesn't even export. wondering if there are to many nodes.
  9. Gagh nevermind then xD Thanks for trying, it was exporting fine until I put the walls in, the only objects are the tirewalls, kerbs and barriers lol I'd love to do this track properly, I don't want to have to wait till 2014 when Codemasters do their version of it just to drive it ¬_¬ I'd love to do the New Jersey one too coz that guy's just taking so long to do any more of it.
  10. I can try and help you with this track, but i have no reference of what it's suppose to look like.
  11. Dan, I deleted all the armco and concrete barriers and the rumble strips in the sky. I didn't spot them along the coast side of the track previously :(

    The track now exports and loads in rFactor, but very slowly. I see the terrain seems to be over lapping in parts aswell. Is it ok if I try a different type of concrete wall/catchfencing and tweak the terrain for you to try?
  12. I tried deleting them too and I've noticed that the armco and concrete barriers actually export and work fine in rFactor, it's just the Sobject versions of them I've stretched out that for some reason don't work. I didn't know there were rumble strips in the sky xD Yeah the terrain got very messed up, I was trying to stretch it out so I could put the mountain in there but that won't export for me still. Sure, you can tweak things if you want, see how it goes, I'm no good with the terrain :p Thanks for this mate, if you could get that mountain working too that'd be brilliant, god knows what I'll do when it comes to the stadium!
  13. Maybe instead of making new barriers, do you think you'd be able to make working Sobject versions of the ones I have there already that will actually export?
  14. Dan, have a look at these concrete walls/catch fencing I've put on your project. AI also semi work in rFactor if you want to what it's like.

    This is the same type as I was using in Durban before the project got cancelled.

    They are made out of the normal walls already in BTB and the fence mesh is also standard.
    All you do is place the walls down, then edit the shape and the textures the same like you've done for the track. It's faster to use as you can use the align with track function and place them in the top view aswell.
  15. Sorry for the late reply mate, thanks about the tip for the walls, they work wonders! I have most of the walls in now, looking like a proper street track, started working on the buildings now, got 12 out of 40 or so done, I think I've got the hang of what I need now.

    If you still feel like helping, the best thing you could do for me is try to find out how to get these 2 models to work in rFactor, to actually show up ingame, because I can't at all! Then send them back to me in an Xpack and of course you'll get all the credit when I finally finish it :)

    If I could just get these 2 models in and working then the whole track would start to come together nicely. In the future we'll also have to figure out why it takes so long to load, I have a feeling it might be to do with the terrain, but anyway see what you can do mate and thanks again!


  16. Hello,

    1. The Mountain works properly, as I tried it the first time you uploaded the xpack.
    2. The Stadium needs a lot of work, as the photo textures are not lined up identically on each panel, sketchup will output multiple versions of the same texture all slightly different totaling 360+ images to resize. The track folder will be huge with so many textures for just one building. I'm also concerned that some of the surfaces maybe inside out, but will only know later on.
    3. I was waiting for a response before you continued with the walls, as the terrain is defineately the problem and needs deleting. I deleted the terrain and btb exports quickly and the track loads quickly in rFactor aswell.

    I'm thinking perhaps to import the terrain from sketchup instead including the mountains to work around the problem.
  17. You're right the terrain is the problem, I deleted it and instead only have it on the edges of the track and it loads quickly now, if the Stadium is too big a job then you don't have to do it mate it's alright.
    I remember putting the mountain in early on in the project just to test it and it worked and showed up in rFactor, but that time I had placed it right over the road itself in the middle of the map, it only stopped showing up when I tried to put it further in the distance, I thought it was either because some of the mountain was underneath the level of the track, or that the ground I had placed it on had been stretched so much into the distance that it didn't register as having been placed on anything. Need to find a way to place it far in the distance and have it still show up.
  18. 2.JPG 1.JPG

    Hello, The mountain seems fine for me. I deleted all the terrain and used a low quality/resolution image and alligned it with the track, and then extended the terrain. I then placed the mountain in roughly the right position, and it loads in rFactor with no problem.

    I have stopped work on the stadium atm, but intend to start again on thursday evening. What I'll probably do is resize all the big textures manually and then use a batch resizer for the rest. It wont look pretty, but it will let you see what it will look like on track.
  19. Hello Dan,

    Thought I'd show you how far I've got with the Stadium this evening. It's in and works in rFactor, but it's slow to load as lots of materials to load now. As you can see, there are still a few reversed faces on the model so they are see through when you drive through the stadium. The roads in the stadium dont lineup, and because the terrain/roads arn't level, there's a big gap at the bottom on 3 sides.