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Goodwood Revival - Sheeny Awards

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just for fun, I said we would have some Barry Sheene Memorial Awards from this event.
    I decided to let everyone have some more fun with this, by enabling competitors to lodge their own nominations (read I'm too lazy to do it all myself :sinister: ).

    Only proviso:
    It has to be for something memorable, funny, wild, amazing, in the true spirit of Barry himself. So no nominations for someone winning or placing well.
    Supporting screenshots would be nice too.

    Lets have some nominations and relive the memories of Goodwood.
  2. I'll kick it off.

    The huuuuge ass award.

    I nominate Stuart Thompson for wagging the biggest ass of the night in Race 1 (TC65). That bloody Jag did a great job of forming a queue and proving difficult to pass. At one stage Gary, Kris, and I were taking turns to get by, most of us succeeding more than once, only to see the the Jag lumber past down the straight bits.

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  3. I'd like to make a double nomination for the Open Sesame award, myself and Eck Simpson, for T1 of the GTC65 race. I went from 13th to 4th, he went from 14th to 5th, in an E-Type and GT350 respectively. Brilliant! :D
  4. I found from Race 2 (GTC65).

    Special Downunder Award (all the way from Australia)

    Goes to Hans Sneep for the longest upside down slide I have ever seen, it must have been at least 600 metres.

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  5. Might nominate myself as unfortunate start line man ...

    ... For doing a spin across the front of pack at start of race 3 ... :doh:

    Was up front somewhere on start line in a Capri 3.1, hit the go go pedal, wheels spin up a bit more than I expected but the porsche in front didn't move so quick either so I tried to slightly shimmy to the right to head around him ... that's when I found myself spinning 180ยบ ... right across the front of the entire grid! :shocked:
    (collected Patrick I think it was ... sorry sir ... kinda messed up both our race there)

    And in race 2 ... in a GT40 4th on grid ... set off, but the gt40 in front of me didn't :shocked: ... tried to brake and miss him but all hell broke loose, I bounced around a bit and ended up on grass ... more catchup fun to be had.
    Double :doh:

    ... or maybe I can be catch up king for managing to recover from near dead last to a reasonable top 10 finish in both races :D
  6. Race 3 (GTC76) produced an absolute classic. Can't split this one.

    Drunkin Doughnut Award

    Jointly goes to Simon Bacon and Lee Downham for the synchronised doughnut off the start line.
    I predicted this for Race 2 not expecting to see it in Race 3.
    The light goes green, Lee, in front, drops the clutch and as per his name decides to "down'em". Then immediately spins around to face the rest of us.
    Unbelieveably, a little further back, Simon is "bak'in" his own doughnut and facing the wrong way.

    It actually happened, here is proof. :laugh2: :clap:

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  7. lawnmower man award has to go to Chris Vick for his efforts in the GT40 and the Porche 906 ... must been off track at least 2 or 3 times at St Mary's in both of 'em :p

    ... glad he did, gave me someone to chase down in both the GTC65 and 76 events after my appalling starts in both :wink2:

    (BTW: no replay data, so can't post any shots :()
  8. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Glad I was wearing my seatbelt and helmet,good not avoid a crossing
    Jag E type.