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Good strategy to deal with updates and mods?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Pudu, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. With a constantly updating title and the way Steam does updates - brute force replacing/updating files - does anyone have a good suggestion as to how to manage mods and individual game tweaks? Just looking for anything obvious that I have failed to think about.

  2. yes I use JSGME - Generic Mod Enabler then when the updates ruin everything I just enable my mods again :)
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  3. @dreamer

    Bingo. Its helpful to make sure you disable everything before you update.
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  4. If you have auto update enabled and dont get a chance to disable first, go into the mod directory delete !BACKUP and !INSTLOGS then enable your mods again simple ;)
  5. Okay, thanks! I used to use JSGME a lot for Silent Hunter 3. I'll give it a go with AMS.

    How are you handling updated Reiza files that JSGME replaces - just manually adding them to the JSGME directories?
  6. Just do as I said above
  7. What I meant is since this game is heavily in development, Reiza will be updating lots of files that mods also have. So are you manually updating those modded files as Reiza improves things, or just leaving them for now? It's not major stuff, but for instance a couple of mods tweak SRS files - which were also updated by Reiza according to the date stamps.

    I guess the best is to just leave things until the mods get updated too. Just curious as to what others are doing.
  8. well me personally will just adjust as I need to
  9. ouvert


    may I ask what mods except Patricks tracks are you using ?
  10. me, just flat6
  11. You may. ;)

    So far just Martin's name/talent files which tweak the SRS a smidge and customize the series icon.
  12. ouvert


    well I ment Pudu .. but you too, why not? .. is Flat6 better than it was in SCE or is ti basically the same mod?

    @Pudu thanx .. so no need for mod management yet ;)
  13. Just preparing for the impending explosion of moddy goodness. :D
  14. what is this mod and where is it lol
  15. Yes its basically the same but I like it.
  16. Good advice. I have myself however long since banished auto-update from my settings.

    GWX beta tester waving at you. :thumbsup:
  17. Okay another question. I hate Steam and try to avoid it whenever possible. (I know that's not a question).
    In the update options I see; 1) Keep program up to date, and 2) Update only when I launch this program.

    So do you disable all mods every time you run it, and then quit, and enable mods, and then run it again? Or is there a better way to disable updating in Steam so I can just manually update once a week say?

    Thanks for the guidance, sorry for the ludditosity.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
  18. @Pudu If there is an update pending and you have Steam set to only update that game when you want to it will list it in the steam library as needing an update so you can remember to disable all your mods before you launch it on that occasion.