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Good settings for G27?

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by J van E, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. I bought a G27 yesterday and of course I also want to use it with WRC 3. I remember reading about things not working, like the shifter, but I don't think a game like this can be played very well with a shifter anyway... (Afaik real rally drivers also use sequential shifters on the wheel nowadays...?) I was wondering though what would be the best settings when it comes to degrees (900 too much?) and force feedback. Or is this all completely subjective and personal...? I only used the wheel with ETS2 for now and 900 degrees feels totally real in that game (in which I of course also use the shifter). Are there general rules that can be applied to certain settings for specific kind of racing games or does it all depend on how the game implemented the controls...?
  2. Mostly up to you, your preferences, and the game.
    I wouldn't go too high, since it's rallying, and you'll have to change direction fast and often. I use 540 in Richard Burns Rally.
    And yes, they use sequentials.

    The only general rule that comes to mind is smaller rotation for open wheelers, up to 360 or something, and higher rotation for regular stuff.

    But as you said, it's about the game too. Had problems with higher rotations in Shift 2 for example. I suspect it will be similar here, Milestone don't have a good track record with wheel support. Don't own the game, so can't help there.
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  3. Ok, clear, so you simply have to try something and see what works and what doesn't. Pity there isn't some sort of standard for this. ;) Good to know about that open wheelers usually using smaller rotation: that helps a little already!
  4. iv given up on looking for a solution to use the H shift now and use the paddles insted and i use the H shift as handbrake 4th gear works a treat

    as for the degrees settings i aint got a clue im a bit of a noob with this sim racing only been doing for a month or so
  5. I do this as well. rally cars use sequential stick shifts tho, not paddles. Wish I had one of those :cool:
  6. Hi if you want a sequential shift on your g27 check the vid out on youtube below i used rubber bands and pushed the gator down with mine that gave me less travel in the shift and the rubber bands hold the gator down works a treat i have an home made ebrake so no need for using the h shifter for that
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  7. oh that's awesome, I'll definitely go try that out! I'm all for cost saving alternatives xD
  8. I have DFGT and just wanna share that the in game Feedback is not good in my setup, seems like no bump on the road, so i activate Logitech's Profiler and it is much better with Logitech's one, not as floaty as before.
  9. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Nice one daguru. That very similar to what I've done. Instead of using springs, i use an elastic band wrapped round several times.

    Perfect for when/if you can't find any springs.
  10. So whats the best rotation for WRC 3
  11. i think settings are good, but the game is no good !
  12. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  13. well done will give it a go thanks for posting this :) g27s;)