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Good Logitech G27 Settings

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Christos Andritsoudis, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Hi guys it is me again ...
    I have a little let's call it problem :) I am using the G27 and I like R3E very much but I just can't set up my wheel to feel perfect. I have looked at different guides here on the forums but the FFB was too strong and the wheel was clipping. It didn't feel right. I want to feel as much details as I can without clipping , like I do in rfactor 2 or assetto corsa. So could you please help me to set up my wheel correctly?
    Another problem is that my wheel animation doesn't match my real wheel. I have animation without arms and 900 degrees in driver allowing the to change settings
    I would be very happy if somebody could help me :)
  2. This is a recurring theme with R3E, and not just with the G27. If you`ve already looked at the many posts on the subject, you`ll see that the steering feels wrong to many people, including me. I don`t think there`s an answer; you either like the game the way it is, or at least put up with it, or you move on to something that feels better for you.
  3. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    We have no R3E in-game app to show us when it is clipping or it would be easier to set it up. Hopefully, S3 will add that facility one day.

    I cannot offer much help as I am still on my 5 year old G25, although I am tempted to get a G27 in one of the sales simply because I like the solid metal gearing better than the thought of Thrustplastic.:D

    It also depends what cars you are driving as I have to change the setup sometimes when I switch from FWD to RWD for instance.
  4. Ok after a long period of trying I have finally found good settings for me. They were nowhere near the advised from different forums. This is again the proof that FFB is about personal preference and you have to try out for yourself. Anyway this game is great but needs a bit more work but I am enjoying it very much. Thanks for your help guys have a nice day :)
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  5. could you share those settings? :geek:
  6. Sorry that I did not reply. I totally forgot it. Here are my G27 settings: 2015-01-09_00001.jpg 2015-01-09_00002.jpg
  7. lionofjudah72


    @Christos Andritsoudis

    Here are my settings for the G27. They ok I guess.

    Logitech profiler
    540 degrees Disabled springs and dampers. Only steering force one +- 120
    In game:
    540 in main menu and 23 lock
    FFB: only to be ajusted, leave the rest default.
    Force intensity 100%
    Smoothing 30%
    Steering force intensity 120%
    Under steer between 30-40%, dependance on your driving style
    Vertical load 200%
    Lateral load 150%
    Your force effect settings try 0 on all.

    The rest I leave default Bud. Like I said its ok, I an not over the moon happy with them, but I can get around the track. I also race with no traction control on and these setting are great for that. I get around the track.
    With the Adac GT masters Audi around solvakic ring I got a 2:01.1 this afternoon. Which is not too bad I guess.

    Anthony Rofail
  8. I`ve been fiddling with the settings for months, first with a DFGT, and then with a G27. Now I`ve found that the settings that work best for me are the default settings in the Logitech profiler, that is, with FFB, springs and dampers set to 100%. After that, the R3E settings are largely irrelevant.
    So, I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble by ignoring all the good advice which suggested turning off the global effects...:mad:
  9. lionofjudah72


    I feel your pain bru, Ive been from a pad to the G27. And every time there is an update the settings are all upside down again. I just don't understand it. There are gents who just make it work quickly and others who have a hard time battling it out.
  10. I do not like dampening or smoothing at all. I have turned it off ingame and in the profiler aswell but again everyone has his own personal best settings :)