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Good driver wanted for an upcoming RBR release

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi folks.

    Well, I`ll be ready to release my 2nd track Ive made on BTB. Like Nimbin its an RBR track.
    Unlike Nimbin ive come along way. This track features things ive never seen in rbr before (as far as i know).. Im almost ready to release it, but I need somone who I can give the track to so they can record a fraps video. (my pc just isnt up to the job, bad framerates when recording + also despite me test driving this track 100+ times ide like someone good at rbr to show the track off)

    While i release this track ide like to provide some nice presentation, including a youtube vid (your recorded drive), uploaded to an account i will create for this project and all my future btb work., also a couple of screen shots and a map of the track with hazard key..etc

    The track itself is a short Rally Park, that should take about 2 mins or less to drive. The track features ide like to keep under wraps for now since ive never seen these things in an BTB/RBR track before. (as far as i know)
    There will be 4 versions of this track, Normal, Normal Reverse, Race Day, Race Day Reverse (Race day will including pace notes, advertisements boards, spectators & marchels..etc and other paraphernalia + a tire chicane)

    More details on how I created the track will be provided when I get all the other presentation bits and pieces ready for the release forum post.

    Anyway, it would be great if someone could do this for me. :D


    PS. Im also a little usure how to make this track distributable as an RSCenter BTB track.. right now I can only seem to load this via - RBR / options / plugins / rxplugin / race /...etc etc

    PSS. For the advertisment boards, is it ok to make one for race department.com ? I was also going to make one for Bobs track builder..and another forum .
  2. Feel free to create a RaceDepartment ad board, we would be delighted :)
  3. I would be delighted to make a video for your track :)

    pm sent!
  4. thanks Ryan for that :)

    hi Jonathan .. thank you very much for the offer.. replied to your pm, but i looked in my "sent messages" and it said "0 messages" I also tried clicking your nick then sending you a private messege that way, but again I looked in my "sent messages" and I still dont see the message i just sent to you. .. Im not sure whats going on there ? Did you get the pm?
  5. Often with forums there is a 'Save message to Sent folder' clickbox you need to check, otherwise it doesn't get saved there.
  6. Go on, Hompe - do it like Ken B.' style :D
  7. ah right, ok ill remember the save messege option, thanks

    I think ken b might like to drive this track ;)

    Give me another week or so, and it`ll be all finished, need to clean things up a little add a few things here and there..etc

    It`s a fictional track set in Ireland using a typical irish tundra look. Its a very tight and challenging Rally park with some things I hope have never been done with BTB specificly in context to RBR, so although its only a 2.295m track it`ll be jam packed with interesting (perhaps "over the top"), track features. ;)