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Good, cheap wheels

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Magnificent, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all, long agoI had a racing wheel (can't remeber what it was) but as I fell out with sim-racing I sold it.

    However with the release of F1 2010 and soon rfactor 2 I've decided to buy myself a new wheel. However I'm unsure which brands are good, relativly cheap and work well with F1 2010.

    As most of you guys are sim-racers I'd like your suggestions please.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Can you define "relatively cheap?" People have different budgets...

    The Logitech G27 is one of the best, but it will cost over $200. The older G25, also very nice, might be a bit cheaper. For less money I've heard good things about the Logitech Driving Force wheel - it can sometimes be found for $100. Good luck, wheels are awesome. :)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Every wheel cheaper than 100 euro's is an expensive wheel. In the end you will regret buying a crap plastic wheel that gives no feeling at all.

    If you want to buy a wheel buy a good one for the best experience, the rest is a waste of your money.
  4. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Agreed I bought the G25 when it first came out use it pretty much every day intensely and it still feels like new, so I would recommend this wheel if it falls inside your budget.
  5. I got the Logitech Driving force GT for around 80 EUR iirc. Imo it's the best wheel price/quality wise.
    Accurate inputs, good sensitivity, I'm really enjoying it.

    If you want a decent wheel without too much bling bling but that gets the job done well and don't feel like going over 100 eur (and much more than that in some cases), the DFGT is the way to go.
  6. Hi, is Logitech Driving force GT compatible with PC ? Ty
  7. Thrustmaster Rally GT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition look pretty good. Anyone got it ? Is it working weel with F1 2010 ?
  8. Yes.
    you do need to download some drivers and the Logitech Profiler to get it to work, only problem is some buttons dont work (like the big one in the middle)
  9. I've finally ordered Thrustmaster Rally GT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition. ^^

    I hope it will be a good one :p sorry for bad english
  10. I don't get the DFGT marketing, seems like they only focus on the ps3. yes it is compatible with the PC. I lol'd because even the employees at my local game store didn't know that, I had to point it out to them :D

    I just got an install CD with it, ran that and the thing was good to go
    As for the buttons, you can map them like you want with the profiler
  11. G25 wheel has been golden for me, use it for F1 2010 and R factor
  12. Thanks for the replies guys I'm trying to not spend more than £100 (around 120 euros) but if its worth it I may go over.
    By the looks of things the G25 looks the best but it's a bit dear.
    However I have found one called Thrustmaster FERRARI F430 Force Feedback for only £120 so if anyone has this wheel can they tell me if it's any good?
    Thanks again :)
  13. Is there one that comes with four paddles (for gear up, gear down, accelerate and brake)? I don't want to have to muck around with wiring pedals up and so on every time I install/remove the wheel. I can drive nicely with Xbox 360 controller, all I want is a wheel to do the steering.

    Edit: Must be PC compatible.
  14. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Not seen one myself not with 4 paddles anyway personally you would probably be better off with the Xbox controller.

    p.s. dont know about anyone else but as for the setting up the wheel mine never leaves the desk and the pedals are a nice footrest
  15. I have one of these, although the wife has put it away for Xmas. I did have a good look at it, and it looks great, the pedals look very, very sturdy with good resistance.

    It has full support for this game too.

    My mate has one and its very good, hence I ordered one.

  16. I looked around for a good wheel for decent money and after reading and testing a few, I went with a Logitech Momo. Its fantastic for a PC wheel and just as good as my brothers G25.

  17. Not to sound discouraging, but the FFB motor from the MOMO wheel is not nearly as good as the ones from the G25/G27. A friend of mine has it and apparently there are many issues with this wheel regarding broken FFB motors..
  18. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    If money is a issue, go with the Driving Force Pro. i am using one for GTR Evo it works well. The G25 is a fantastic wheel but is too pricey for me.
  19. just save a bit and for a g25/g27.. def. worth the money..
  20. No problem mate. I have had a go with the G25 and it was just about the same as this FFB wise. I have had no problems with my MOMO and it is by far one of the best looking wheels and cheaper too. I paid £50 UK pounds for my brand new MOMO. And after all, we are only playing games, not driving a real car.