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GOM vs RD Round 1: GT300 @ Fuji Speedway F Friday 19th October

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Stuart Pocock, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Event Format
    Qualifying: 21:00 GMT
    Race 1: 21:30 GMT (22:30 BST)

    Track Settings
    Circuit – Fuji Speedway
    Time Progression - 0
    Weather Changeability - 0

    Event Settings
    Game Mode - Normal Race
    Laps – 20 Laps
    Start Type - Grid Start
    Grid Order – Race 1: Fastest First
    Boost - No
    Penalty - No
    Race Finish Delay - 180sec
    Automatic Race Start Cycle - Disabled
    Visible Damage - On
    Mechanical Damage - Off
    Slipstream Strength - Low
    Tyre/Fuel Depletion - On
    Grip Reduction - Real

    Regulation Settings
    Performance Points- 540pp
    Tyre Restrictions – Racing Hard
    Vehicle Tuning - Prohibited
    Skid Recovery Force - Off
    Driving Line - Off
    Traction Control - Yes
    Active Steering - Off
    ABS - Yes
    ASM - Off
    Transmission - MT/AT

    Permitted Cars
    GT300 (STANDARD)
    S Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '03
    S Nissan C-WEST RAZO SILVIA '01
    S Toyota WEDSPORT CELICA '03

    GT300 (PREMIUM)
    P RE Amemiya AsparaDrink RX7 '06
    P Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '08
    P Lexus Weds Sport IS350 '08

    - Do not leave the track once Qualifying has started.
    - The Qualifying Session will be 15 Minutes long. Come to the pits once the chequered flag is out.
    - Between Practice and Qualifying, I will "reset" the track.
    - Drivers are allowed to swap tyres during Qualifying, however this must be done in a pitstop.
    - If the grid is not correct for the race, I will call a formation lap and all drivers must go to the correct position. A manual single file rolling start will commence when the leader accelerates out of the final corner.
    - If you make a pitstop, you are allowed to change tyres and add fuel.
    - Before the event, clear your cache in GT5 Settings (Settings, Miscellaneous and Network) and then restart your PS3. This is not mandatory but it will help you.
    - I will be on Teamspeak before, during and after the event. It is easier for me to pass information on Teamspeak rather than the PS3.

    Remember to send me a friend request on PSN. My PSN is Stu99man.

    You need to be a licensed member to take part in the event.

    To sign up, post a comment below in the correct format:
    I understand the rules and regulations:
    Car to be used: (Note: no two cars can be the same)

    Entry List
    1- Rui F. Martins - Rfm577 - Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '08
    2- Name: Dubravko Sparovec- Goodwolf_ - S Toyota WEDSPORT CELICA '03
    3- Stuart Pocock - Stu999man- Subaru CUSCO DUNLOP SUBARU IMPREZA '08
  2. Name: Gareth Fisher
    PSN: mrMicawber
    I understand the rules and regulations: Yes
    Car to be used: P RE Amemiya AsparaDrink RX7 '06
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  3. c'mon lads, don't be shy !
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  4. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins
    Premium Member

    Name:Rui F. Martins
    I understand the rules and regulations:yes
    Car to be used: P Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '08

    if anyone wants to use this car i don't mind changing to another one:)

    will you guys use teamspeak for this one?
  5. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    I will :) I know that James wants to use voice chat on GT5 but I dont want to hear everyone. Also as we will be driving as a team we need to be communicating with each other
  6. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Name: Stuart Pocock
    PSN: Stu999man
    I understand the rules and regulations: Yes I do
    Car to be used: P Subaru CUSCO DUNLOP SUBARU IMPREZA '08
  7. Name: Dubravko Sparovec
    PSN: Goodwolf_
    I understand the rules and regulations: Yes
    Car to be used: S Toyota WEDSPORT CELICA '03
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  8. This is great Stuart.

    A couple of things though;

    RS tyres are fine by me but is that an oversight, did you mean RH?

    You're not expecting GoM racers to be licenced are you?

    You have a potential team of ten by the looks of it. Clearly seven would be the max. given the number of cars available, and perhaps just five is best, to overcome possible connection problems? 5, 6 or 7 ?

    Fuji Speedway F would be my preference...?

    If you'd rather have damage off that'd be fine by us. It too often penalises the innocent we feel.

    I will ask my chaps to read and digest the above :thumbsup:.
  9. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins
    Premium Member

    ok, tehn i will be on teamspeak, i won't be able to use the ps voice chat because i don't have a mic for the playstation :D
  10. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Yep, thats the one with the chicane which we agreed on
  11. Thanks Stuart re. Speedway F, RH tyres and damage.

    It looks like we can manage a team of seven if need be, but our very best driver can't make it, so you're in with a chance !! :)

    Good luck to all you guys :thumbsup:

    ps. call me an idiot, but the three cars crossed out on the list above are newer premium versions of standard cars. Just a coincidence now I guess/realise. I've been thinking all night, and told my chaps, that those were the ones considered 'the same' and so could not be used under the 'no two cars the same' rule. Now I've seen that in fact those are the cars that have been chosen by those who've signed up. Doh! Is there some confusion or are we happy with possibly two Cuscos, two RX7s and two Artas on each team? Either way is fine Stuart. Would you clarify please.
  12. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    We are happy with the two Cuscos, two RX7's etc.. I thought that we agreed
  13. Ok Stuart, thanks, I don't recall agreeing that point, but we have agreement now. :thumbsup:

    Last night was fun, I hope that you don't have anyone as good as that Ringroses chap!!

    'Til 22:00 BST tomorrow then, but if you can't make a team of five or more would like to postpone to do some more recruiting?
  14. I've suggested to my chaps that if you have only 4 drivers then all the GoM team should turn out and we should have a 'friendly' 'warm up' race. If all goes happily, and we prove ourselves to be a decent bunch, then you may be able to encourage more from RD to get interested?
  15. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    I don't want to postpone this, regardless of numbers. If 4 is the Max we can get it will have to be enough
  16. Righto Stuart.
  17. I might not be home tomorrow night

    My New GT5 copy comes tomorrow though ^_^
  18. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Acadamy edition?
  19. Very many thanks to Stuart for his organisation at RD. :thumbsup:

    We, GoM, all had a good time last night and look forward to you trying to get your own back !!

    How to score disconnections is a problem. In the series running at GoM at the moment we award the average points that that driver has earned per race so far. This is not possible for a first race of course, but could be back dated later perhaps?

    Given your numbers, and it being the first time we've met, we could call last night a friendly and start scoring from the next race?

    Had Goodwolf been better connected, and not caught up in traffic, I would not have had it so easy....and RFM showed some good form on the Indy Road course.

    I've suggested to my chaps that it would be best if we declined any possible friend requests (none received so far as I know anyway) in the interest of the far better option of keeping this a clan rivalry. Having something to focus on outside of our own clan series has been good and adds a different dimension to our racing.

    Thanks again Stuart. Name the car/s and the track and we'll be there. :thumbsup:
  20. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins
    Premium Member

    it was really fun last night i had a great time in both races with close and clean battles, i was having a nit of a lag problem at the beginning of the first race but it got less serious during the race, it will be a pleasure to race with you guys again :thumbsup: