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Going to red bull?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by zeradin, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. I have just been offered a seat at red bull at the end of my second pro season. I want to drive for mercedes however but will go to red bull if they dont offer me a contract (currently at sao paulo so timewise not good)
    my question is this...
    does the game simulate the cars design as integral to setup complementation? what i mean is will the red bull lose its dominance at the start of the next season because of the tyre spec change that happened until after the silverstone fiasco? does the car design have any effect on the default degradation rates of the tyre or is all that based primarily on the setup options which are universal to all the cars? will the red bull reflect reality and be better on its tyres by default than all the other teams? and would the mercedes also be the fastest yet somewhat inneficient due do its traction issues eating the tyres?
    whilst im at it would the reliability of the kers be more likely to come into play in the red bull?
    cheers for any help guys i dont want to end the season without knowing if i should stay with lotus and wait for a merc contract or go with red bull to find i made a bad choice
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  2. I am in my third-year career at Canada as 2nd driver for Red Bull, but I'm on a PC with a lot of mods installed for almost everything (AI, tyre wear, et al), so I can't really help you here, and I didn't drive a Mercedes (yet). Anyway, one thing I can tell you, though: Driving a Red Bull is awesome. I always qualify (full wknds) in the top two. Red Bull rocks! Driving 1 is like a charm. ;)
  3. Let it be clear that I am a full mclaren fan and the reason I wish to go to mercedes is because it is more like a mclaren than the MP4-28. going to red bull feels like going to work for the enemy. That said, in F1 2012 I thought the MP4-27 was epic, I could not understand why it wasn't trouncing the RB8.... Until i drove it :(

    However alot of the mechanics of the game have changed (alot being the unpredictable tyre wear models and the now endurance destroying kirbs) are you saying the red bull feels like last year's in that it is near enough unnaffected unlike the rest? and whilst im on this train of thought, wouldnt that make the RB9 the easy way out for quick glory with the least effort? where is the fun if there is hardly any competition? (i.e. Just completed year 2 and won the drivers championship by a thread on the last lap of sao paulo with lotus, only got 4th in constructors which displayed the effort i put in where as red bull won by 148 points more than second place. I felt epic and drained by the tense racing)

    Im kinda hoping that there will be the realism of electronics issues to impact my racing time. electrical mishaps, fuel issues and the 2013 spec tyres were the only chink in the 2013 season for red bull. will i get to experience that as to keep me entertained in my wiping the floor of the others and hopefully chasing a point deficit from the opening rounds suiting the lotus and ferrari?
  4. kinda realised i just played devils advocate on my own question and your affirmation of the answer i expected..... sorry :p
  5. You write better than I do (English not being my natural language). I say if it's the only contract offered to you, you can take it for the first half of next season and see if you will have an offer from Mercedes by the time you'll get to Spa (or later). I'm just waiting for an offer as 1st driver for Ferrari. ;)

    I had a lot of offers for 1st driver for Marussia and Catherham, and one for 2nd driver for Torro Rosso (what? why would I "regress" hehe!), but I decided to stay with RB and be patient. Although I suspect these things are rather "random" and not pre-planned (it's from CM after all...), I am just curious to see if my wish will "manifest" itself before the last season. :)