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Going to buy PS3 just for GT5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Becks21, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    as the title says I am going to buy a ps3 for gt5 and got some questions:

    1.) I heard that some say that the _old_ ps3 would be better then the new one.. is that true? Why would it be so?

    2.) What would be a good option for a wheel+pedals to work also on PC ? (I now have a Logitech Formula Force EX for my PC)

    Thanks and Cheers!

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium


    I am more or less in the same situation as you I guess. I think ill test the game first when it comes out and if its really good ill buy a PS3 as well.

    We got one at work and that PS3 has a Logitech G25 wheel attached to it and works superb
  3. the g25 is really good wheel.. I tested it once but its too expensive for me.. I wonder if the Fanatec gt3v2 works with the ps3.. they are in the same price league and I probably would go with that wheel if I could affort one of them :p

    and the only difference between ps3 "fat" and "slim" I could research is that the new
    - is a bit slower at loading blu-rays
    - has bigger hdd from start
    - warranty is broken if hdd is replaced (the olds warranty doesnt kick in there)
    - streams hd-audio via bit-stream over hdmi (old one cant do that)
    - is much smaller/lighter with less energy consumption
    - cant boot linux

    PS: where are you workin at, taht you have a ps3 ready for racing? nice company I guess!?
  4. Afaik the warranty doesn't get broken at all as Sony even helps you how to replace the HDD.
    The rest is all true. I got an old 80GB here. It's a fine and solid device. But tbh, I prefer the X360 in terms of games... Except for GT5 and heavy rain..

    the Fanatec GT3 RS works fine on PS3.
  5. Usually any working wheel that does it on PC does it on PS3, same with PS2 where a little adapter was needed.
  6. The old PS3 is best than the new, because the old can read PS2 games (the new that i have can read PS1 games but not PS2 ¬¬), and you can change the HDD for one bigger.

    And I bought the PS3 only for GT5 too, and it haven't been released yet xD!, and if you could buy G25 Logitech like Bram said, it would be very nice, but if you don't like clutching buy a cheap logitech of course xD (the G25 costs 300$ in Ebay and BestBuy).

  7. Why buy the old G25 ? sorry but I don't think it's the correct desecion , get the G27.

    plus those rev lights on the G27 wheel are great
  8. Wrong,
    Only the 60GB old PS3 can read PS2 games.

    All other old PS3's (40GB, 80GB, 160GB) cannot read PS2 games

    But the 60GB was a launch product, and those are broken often.. Since they've been used very much.. Sometimes they have an YLOD which is almost unfixable..
    Yeah you can fix an YLOD, but soon the YLOD will return again..
  9. Also the PS2 has USB ports ;).
  10. thanks guys for all the information !

    interessting that the slim-ps3 cant load ps2 games.. why the hell did sony pull that feature..?
    some much nice old games I couldnt play.. makes me thinking about trying to get the old one..
  11. its only the first released ps3 that can load ps2 games as far as I know. I have a fat ps3, but it doesn't have the option to load ps2 games.
  12. It's only the fat 60GB that can load them. These were very expensive to make. So Sony dropped the feature and the card reader and 2 USB ports.
    After this there were 40, 80 and 160GB fat PS3's. Of course these don't have PS2 support, a cardreader and only have 2 USB-ports instead of four, but they were cheaper to produce for Sony so cheaper for us.

    From september last year they started with a 120GB and 250GB slim, which have been changed into 160GB and 320GB nowadays.
  13. I got exactly the "old" 60GB one for GT5 and the PS2 downgrade, thank God no issues yet but what's a YLOD?
  14. Yellow Led Of Death.
    it can mean any kind of hardware failure.
  15. Thanks Mate.
    Strange and lucky I am never even had to reset not one freeze so far as it seems to be quite common. Maybe it depends on that mine is a somehow virgin device only firmware updates have been applied.
  16. yeah thanks a lot for the info! quite complex topic for a "little" console LOL

    one last question:
    - why would it be important to have a big hdd in ps3? I am storing all my photos, movies and music on dedicated server and wouldnt have them stored on the console itself.. except for save-games and the necessary game patches I guess..

    thanks and cheers!
  17. Also a lot of games need to have some content installed. Not the whole game, but most do about 1-2GB or so.. I've heard Gt5 will eat 10GB..

    But I'm still on my 80GB and so far it's enough.. And when it's not enough I'll buy a 640GB HDD:thunder:
  18. thx again m8 !
  19. I started out with an 80GB fat & it got full pretty quickly with demos & game updates.
    If you want to use Play TV then you will definitely need a large HD.
    I put in my own 320GB.
    It's pretty easy & there are plenty of guides on the web on how to do it.

    No PS3 can run Linux (other OS) anymore with the latest firmware, it doesn't allow it due to piracy concerns.
    I use a Logitech Driving Force Pro on my PC & PS3 & PS2 it works great although the pedals are a bit soft.
    I would have no concerns with either a fat or slim PS3.

    I have heard that Sony may release an adaptor for running PS2 games but nothing is official.
    Some PS2 games are now being converted to PS3 which is nice.
  20. I think that's only if you want to install the whole game - much faster loading :D :D :D