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Going for 'Total Realism'

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Daniel Pettit, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. I've restarted with iRacing again but one thing i've decided to do this time round is play it as a full on sim and opted for total realism.

    By this I mean setting up each car with their authentic shifter setup and making use of the full rotation on my wheel and turning off all auto-clutches and blips. I've also completely de-hudded and gone for only car mirrors.

    The result has been a massive increase in the challenge of actually driving the car (esp the h-shifter cars) but I must say its massively rewarding once you adjust to the hit your performance took. I'd certainly advise anyone looking to spice things up to give this a go and stick with it for a bit :)
  2. i'm on that from almost my iRacing start (as thats why i went to iracing) except virtual mirror, as in most cars you cant see the car mirrors on only 1 monitor
  3. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
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    Way to go, Daniel;)
  4. That's the main reason I go with virtual mirror, as even on my 24" screen, the majority of in car rear view and side mirrors are just un-usable.

    That aside, way to go to Daniel for making the sim as real as he can. If that's what he likes, then that is what he should do.
  5. I so wish there was a way for the sim to differentiate the people going for the reality factor and those that are using paddle shifters(in cars that don't have them in real life), autoblip, and to an extent virtual mirrors.
    Don't get me wrong. Everyone can run the sim whatever way they want. I just wish there was an indicator somewhere in the Iracing to disclose what type of Iracing setup they are running.

    I'm running an eyefinity setup,(so just the normal mirrors) with an SST lightning shifter and g25 wheel and pedals. So H shift, no auto clutch.
    In my quest to go for the reality factor here is what I have learned:
    Heel toe driving is an art unto itself.
    Watching for quick approaching traffic in mixed class racing is no walk in the park
    Missing shifts is downright embarrassing.
    But I think on a real track it's what would put us all on a level playing field.
    Coming into a corner at the end of long straight and looking for the entry point, braking and heel toe down shifting is almost overwhelming. Get it right and I feel fantastic. Get it wrong and i just want to log off.

    It might...just might make me feel better about being 3 seconds off the pace knowing that quickest car is paddle shifting and auto blipping.
  6. I agree it would be nice to know but only for my own information, certainly wouldn't want to separate classes and force it upon people. The custom controller setup per car feature is excellent for this as it means I can rig each car with the proper setup it has.

    However there are a few though where i'm not 100% sure i'm using authentic shifting, have I got it right?

    Lotus 79 - H-Shift
    Dallara Indy Car - Paddle Shift
    Skip Barber - Stick Sequential Shift
    Corvette - Stick Sequential Shift
    Star Mazda - Paddle Shift
    Radical - Stick Sequential Shift
    Nascars - H-Shift
  7. Here is a list of the cars we currently have and the type of transmission they have so you know what style of shifting you will want to use with each:

    Fully automated sequential:

    - Dallara
    - Jetta TDI
    - Williams FW31

    Dog-box sequential with throttle cut:

    - Corvette C6R
    - Ford V8SC
    - Radical SR8
    - Riley DP
    - Star Mazda

    Dog-box sequential:

    - Legends Ford34C
    - Skip Barber (Left foot braking is prevented in RL by the steering column)

    Dog-box h-pattern:

    - Impala A
    - Impala B
    - Latemodel
    - Lotus 79 (Has a dogleg gearbox)
    - Silver Crown
    - Silverado
    - SK Modified

    Synchromesh h-pattern:

    - Mustang FR500S
    - Solstice
    - Spec Racer Ford
    - Mazda MX5

  8. Thanks for the update, mostly got them right with a few exceptions (star mazda). The Jetta is a suprise too, although i don't have that yet.
  9. thanks Simon, great post!
  10. It's copy and paste from last years season 3 release notes, updated with the new cars since then, apart from the Sprint car which has only one gear.

    The Jetta has VW's DSG gearbox best explaned by JC :)

  11. Nice one Simon. Thanks
  12. I've been sim racing since since 1996.I've never been fast or won a lot of races (I have a few trophy's from a league long gone :woot: ) but I just like to pretend to be race car driver.A modern day Walter Mitty.(old people will know)I want all the immersion I can afford and strive for realism.Load cel brake,learning to heel/toe,3 monitors,obutto cockpit,buttkicker,SST H shifter,(waiting for Derek Speares sequential)rev burner and tach,setting my FOV correctly,sitting in the drivers seat and not on the roof like Granny Clampett in her rocking chair in the back of Jeds truck.(again one for the old people)

    Over the years I've been in hard core leagues and leagues that allow aids and all the driving views.The one thing most leagues seemed to ask politely is that you used virtual mirrors or in the case of N2003 remove the car interior from the mirror view.Nothing worse than having your nose chopped off by lapped or far slower car then hearing "sorry I didn't see you there".(yes I know about F3)

    With 3 monitors and my FOV set where I like,very close to iRacing recommendations,my view does not include the tachometer on many cars.I have a rev burner and tach but the tach is cheap and not functioning anymore so just now while in the Skippy I lowered the seating position with shift[ and the virtual mirror is now in the way so I switched to real mirrors to have a look.I see tires.Is there any way to adjust the mirrors?
  13. Thanks Marco I had just found the info I needed in the user guide.Whenever I get into the sporting code and user guide I end up reading everything but what I went there for so I guess I got lucky this time lol.

    I fixed my rev burner tach and raised the seat height again but it's still good to know.
  14. Wow I have just set mirrors to real and adjusted the view in the Skippy.Looks pretty darn darn good and while it doesn't have the same view as the virtual mirror I wouldn't call it dangerous.

    The stock cars still have a limited view imo and I haven't tried other roadies yet but I was impressed with the skippy view once adjusted correctly.
  15. Thanks for the car specific transmission info Simon. I'm using an SST lightning for my h shifter needs.

    That iracing statement is alot to take in and interpret.

    For example this statement:

    "You will often need to hold the shift control for little while as the shift goes through to completion before releasing, if you let go too early the sim will interpret that as you letting go of the shift before the shift completes, probably leaving you hanging in neutral. If you use an h-pattern shifter, then the shifter is automatically holding the next gear which makes it more comfortable.""

    reminds me of a saying that rellick may be familiar with:

    "Whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?"
  16. Have i been mislead all this time? Can I have virtual wing mirrors? Or only Rear view?

  17. There is only a virtual rear mirror, you can have both real & virtual mirrors which gives you the best of both, but does lower you're FPS
  18. Ah that sucks. With my FOV i can't see my wing mirrors, but have the spotter helping me out most of the time. I can normally see someone as they dive up the inside from the rear view however.