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Going back to rFactor

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by punch, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Have never been able to race properly because the game locks up for a couple of seconds all the time :mad:
    Tried different drivers, different settings, sound to rapture or software then thought the patch might sort it but if anything its worse now !!

    think spec should handle it :
    CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.7GHz
    GPU: ASUS Geforce GTX 285
    RAM: 6Gb (3X2) Corsair DDR3 @ 1600Mhz
    Motherboard: ASUS P6T WS Pro

    So think I'll go back to rFactor :frown:
  2. Have you also tried defragging your HDD and checking it for errors?
  3. I run this game with a way more lower specs that yours.. and it drives like a charm..
  4. Fahad, what are your config settings, and in-game graphics settings?
  5. When you say lock up, do you mean a lag spike, or literally, the screen freezes? Also, what OS do you use?
  6. Sounds like an issue with your computer, drivers, harddrive, virus's. Your computer should and probably would (if it was healthy) run the game at max settings without an issue. I've experienced similar issues in games on my computer, only my computer is old and not healthy ^^, in the passed it has been fine.
  7. I had the same problem (after patch). I've resolved it by "bypassing" the replay file from C:\ProgramData to a location on my external sata2 HDD with the mklink function in cmd. You can try to make it read only. Also try to install the latest Nvidia driver with f12010 support. I'm playing it on ultra settings in DX11 mode now and everything goes smooth with a little bit slower machine than yours.
  8. I am running mine with everything in the graphics set to their highest limits and I am using XP 32 bit. I have added the patch as well as some mods that really make it a much better game and I am not having any issues. Well I do have to remove open and close the drive if I exit the game and then go back to it. Other than that all is well in my race land.
  9. [​IMG]OS = windows 7 ultimate X64
    driver = version="260.99"
    by lockups I mean the screen freezes then returns and you a couple of seconds further down the road (not good on a bend )
    also occasional strange graphics like helmets on the trottle pedal etc,
    PC seems fine tho , no viruses and runs other games like COD black ops fine .......................
    one more thing when you say DX11 mode where can you change that..........hav nt seen an option for it ???

  10. Your computer running a start up scan or have something like norton and defender going at the same time? Do you have a screen saver theme instead going or a solid back ground? Because that will do it too I noticed.
  11. punch.jpg
  12. F1_2010.jpg
  13. Thats ugly dude
  14. What's up with that pink screenshot? Is that what you're seeing when the game "locks up?" If so, you have a graphics card problem.

    Have you overclocked your graphics card?
  15. Nope and its only F1 2010 that does it ....................and why would graphics card put helmet on throttle???#
  16. That doesn't answer me why the screenshot is pink, did you do that or is that what happens? And the helmet is definitely a game glitch.
  17. yes thats wot happens in game
  18. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Did you gfx card collected a lot of dust lately? Maybe clean it and see what happens..
  19. Just ran OCCT GPU test and does seem to be running rather hot ........... 85C
    Will give cace a clean out and report back...........Thanx chaps
  20. Hey i think that i have solution for your problem. Maybe the problem comes from your PSU- Power Supply. I think that the card is "hungry". NVIDIA's new cards are PSU - eaters :). Check the min. power requirements of the card. I think that you will need a "real-power" PSU maybe 500W-800W. Also look at the temperature. I had 8600GT OC - It was hot like the sun :), a cheap fast cooler bigger than original was perfect solution for me.