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GMT importer plugin for 3DSMax

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dmc67, May 15, 2010.

  1. Anyone know where i can get the gmotor2 importer for max i got both max 8 and 9 so if anyone knows i greatly appreciate it.

  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

  3. Mikec87


    No. Those are not the files you need.

    PM me and I will give you mine. I can send via email, they are small files....
  4. Mikec i appreciate it but i finally found em.
  5. @Mike: I'm interested about importer files, can u send me these files to my e-mail? thank you very much!!! kmi.graphic@hotmail.com :cool:
  6. First you need to install all the rFactor utilities, then... I copy paste from other forum

    I need to add, if you use Windows 7, you will can't to load .DDS textures, so use Win XP and 3D Max 8
  7. ok well i had too reformat and now when i try too load this plugin i get material.dlt texture.dlt and Converter.dlu failed to initialize. any ideas?
  8. Yes sir i am gettin the error from the Rfactor Max plugins it brings up the error as soon as it goes too load the plugin when starting up loads all my brazil plugins and stuff

    this is exactly what it says

    Loading DLLs

    DLL<C:\program files\autodesk\max9\plugins\Converter.dlu>Failed To Initialize
    ERROR Code:127 The Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found.
  9. EDIT: Scripts will run on MAX 2010, also MAX 2010 load fine DDS textures on W7

    This is because you don't read me :p

    The scripts will not work on Max 9, Max 2010... only in Max 8
  10. ok i appreciate your help, but right before i reformatted i had all the stuff working in max 9 but guess it was luck of the draw lol but i got it working in 8 thanks for all your help
  11. Incorrect!!! ISI have versions of the plugins that work for Max up to version 2010, even 2010 ones work in 2011 but they crash the slate material editor (you can still use the old material editor just fine though).

    I had the crashing of newer max versions in win 7, you need to run a recent version of the DX9 re-distributable to install some files that are not in win 7 when it's first installed, don't worry it's perfectly safe to do so. ;)
  12. EDIT: Scripts run fine on Max 2010

    Paul Cowan, we are talking about a scripts to import GMT to 3D Studio, so these scripts will run ONLY in MAX 8. So I know that ISI have plugins to work and export for MAX 9, max 2010... etc. But not the scripts, theses scripts are not from ISI
  13. The import script works as well, I've imported several circuits into Max 2010 using it.

    Please don't spread information that is incorrect.

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  14. Mikec87


    Yep, true.

    I have these scripts and I have them in XP with 3DS Max 8.0 and also in Windows 7 with 3Ds Max 2009 64bit. The scripts just work, but the older ISI plugins did not. They have upgraded those to suit the later versions of Max, which makes me think that RF2 is done in the later version of Max.

    Mike :)
  15. The true is I never test on Max 2010, but the guy that send me the script advice me that will not work on newer versions than Max8. Also, the problem on Max 8 it is loading DDS, but I read in Max 2010 it is solved... so, I will test on Max 2010. And I edit my last post to correct

  16. Hi again. I have a question, I tried with Max 2010 and scripts run, but very slow compared to Max 8. I tried with Barcelona track from rFactor, so with Max 8 it is about 5 min to load in 3DMAX, and with Max 2010 after 1hour I don't still see the track, I leave the PC working alone about 3 or 4 hours and when I went to home I see that is finished, but I don't know what time needs, but it is too much.

    Another problem is about the Alpha channel of textures, in 3D Max the alpha channel is representend with the black colour, also, when render

  17. Try clicking the "No Smoothing" radio button under options in the gmt2 importer and see if this speeds up the import.
  18. it is not the gmt importer i am having problems with it is the plugin converter.dlu material.dlt and texture.dlt that it will not load no matter what i do and b/c of that it will not let me import any gmt files b/c it wont read the gmotor material
  19. when i delete the converter.dlu texture.dlt material.dlt i dont get the error but still wont import gmt files either way i get that error i am usin the script u uploaded up there


    Type Error: Call Needs Function or class, got: undefined

    and has this highlighted in the script


    Where did u guys get your converter.dlu texture.dlt material.dlt that work with max 9 32 bit?