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Gloves F1 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Adrian Blasco, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Hello, I would like sable why I leave the logos on the gloves Pilot Career Mode, if I put no official Pilot career mode after the sale, sale Trajectory Everything But the one color.alguien know if any mod hay textures for gloves? Thank you.
  2. Bro i dont get it you have problem with the gloves textures or you are looking for HD gloves ? Can you paraphrase your question and be more specific before i admit R.I.P to english .
  3. Hatta


    Hi Adrian,

    When you're racing in career mode your gloves don't feature the driver's branding because your not that driver. You don't have Alonso's gloves as your not Alonso (For example). :)

    I hope that makes sense!
  4. exact, my question was why not leave the logos on my gloves and pilot such as race drivers, Alonso, Vettel etc. if you go .. more than anything is if there were any mod to put logos on the gloves .. thanks and sorry for my English.
  5. I'd guess they don't keep the logos their due to licensing, probably only have them for when you are those drivers...although I have noticed in my friends co-op season we are having in Lotus that I am still wearing Grosjean's overalls as I have his name and French flag on their.
  6. I made the same question before and I hope they can understand what Adrian Blasco try to explain
    So, its there any files to can use in carrer mode to have the same gloves like the original drivers like championship season
    I give u an example if u choice Caterham in carrer mode your gloves are totally white , but if you are in a championship season u xcan see the Caterham gloves with sponsor like Caterham and GE same things in all the teams like ferrari red gloves and in championship u see Marlboro logos and the others

    So a good question could be if its possible get those bloves to can use in carrer mode can understand my point guys
    Really appreciated any kind of help or tips ;);)