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glight's ENB series

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by glight, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. A custom palette and .ini for F1 2011 using Boris Vorontsov's ENB series (http://enbdev.com)

    ** UPDATED v0.4 05/02/2012 **

    Gets rid of Codemaster's crappy sepia tone and adjusts colors to be more realistic. Also adds a slight
    sharpen and noise (grain) effect. Menu colors will look strange but there's nothing I can do about them. I am new to tweaking ENB series so colors are not perfect, if anyone can help me fix them please do so.

    note#1: you can remove the noise effect by editing the effect.txt file and changing float NoiseAmount=0.5; to float NoiseAmount=0.0;

    note#2: if you get crashes when game starts then disable Fraps, MSI Afterburner or other overlays & capture tools, enb does not like them. (sorry)

    v0.4 (05/02/2012)
    -reduced gamma (since v0.3 was super bright it's more sensible now)
    -removed noise and sharpen effects (changed my mind on noise, sharpen interferes with AA)

    v0.3 (15/01/2012)
    -started over with a balanced enbpalette since previous version had bizarre fade to green effect (at Catalunya). Had to increase gamma for overcast so some scenes may be "too bright" (not IMHO) so some users may be better off by reducing game's gamma setting.

    v0.2 (14/01/2012) (bugged)
    --tried to correct colors without touching gamma, ended up with a different look but I feel this is an
    improvement over previous version (especially in overcast)

    v0.1 (13/01/2011)
    -first initial release
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  2. Awesome i've been waiting for something like this!
  3. Updated!

    Not 100% happy with how v0.2 turned out but I needed to correct the brightness/colors in overcast weather (Felipe's pics). Still a bit of a green push so I will need to tweak colors some more but I think this is better. Anyway, download or look at the screenshots, compare and let me know what you think!
  4. great job , massa's pick is too dark but kept it up !!
  5. Started working on v0.3 tonight since v0.2 seems to fade to green at Catalunya:confused:

  6. Updated!
  7. Did some play testing and realized I was dropping ~8fps:eek: . Turns out I was using a bad d3d9.dll so replaced it with a better one: no loss in fps now and same image quality. All versions updated accordingly.
  8. im waiting for someone to try it before i do , any beta testers out there ?
  9. You could just try it, this mod doesn't overwrite any game files so if you don't like it you can just delete the mod.
  10. I tried the old one and had a fps drop, will try the new version.
  11. good , thanks , will this affect any other mods ? i have a cam mod from reni .
  12. To be honest, I didn't like the first and second version but the third one is awesome! With 0,6 Gamma it looks fantastic. Only if the "snow" wasn't there.. Anyways I suggest you to SLIGHTLY decrease the blue color and to SLIGHTLY increase the contrast. :)
  13. Great mod. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the comments guys!

    @bporion: the mod won't affect any cam mods. I just took the screenshots with chong's T-cams for better comparison with onboard shots I was using for reference.

    @Kristiann: you can remove the noise/snow effect by editing the effect.txt and changing float NoiseAmount=0.5 to
    float NoiseAmount=0.0.
  15. Oh, I thought it's from the colors and didn't even look at the files. Never mind, I have a problem with Fraps now. When I try to start Fraps when the game is running I get an error that I don't have Direct X or it's not the correct version or I don't remember and if I start it before starting the game, the game freezes from time to time and my PC blocked 1 time. =/
  16. Yea, Boris has a new version of ENB series that doesn't cause issues with Fraps/Afterburner or other overlays. It uses a program called ENBinjector that you start before your game and then it is OK for fraps to be on. I will try to do a version with that to make it easier for everyone.

    EDIT: OK I tried to figure a way to make the enbinjector work but it just won't. I think it's because it's meant for Skyrim and can't go on any game. I get the notification that enb 0.103 starts but I don't get any effects to load. Here's what I've tried

    - replace enbseries.ini with mine
    - replace enbseries.dll with d3d9.dll and rename (and replace enbseries.ini)
    - disable everything in enbseries.ini and point to a 2nd config and a proxy library (my d3d9.dll)

    I can't get it to load so unless I can get help from Boris then the only solution will be to disable Fraps or Afterburner (etc) if you're having issues with crashes :(
  17. So I asked Boris about an enbinjector.exe for previous versions. He said it is something he will do but only after he is sure the current one for Skyrim works good (there maybe some issues since it's new). I didn't ask when since he is waiting for feedback from users so for now any users having issues with crashes should disable Fraps etc.
  18. okay here some feedback to version 0.3:

    - Menu is quite dark
    - blueish color in Singapore Race in the garage

    otherwise it really looks good until now. Hope that you can improve things!
  19. Sun


    Great mod! makes the game much enjoyable, thanks alot mate!
  20. Updated to v0.4

    Fixed the gamma but didn't change color balance since I'm happy with it. I think it's is even enough that you can adjust it adequately with the game setting if it's still too bright/dark for your tastes. I removed the effect.txt file so the sharpen and noise effects are gone (changed my mind on noise, sharpen interferes with AA).