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glight's 2014 rig: CSL, Sim Seat or GamePOD GT2?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by glight, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Dear RaceDepartment:

    I recently moved to another country (Canada to USA) and in the process sold off my obutto to a buddy at work. It would have been a hassle to ship it down and this way I get to have another (after) Christmas present to myself:D.

    I kept my CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals and triple 24" LG's (buddy took my old DFGT) so all I need now is a place to mount everything. I've been eyeing up Fanatec's CSL ($300), Sim Seat's SR-X ($450) or GamePOD's GT2 ($850) and I'm curious what your guy's opinions are (or if you would recommend something completely different).

    I liked my obutto but ultimately my gripes were:
    - triple screen mount was part of the driver's frame: to negate this I have decided to go with Sim Seat's triple screen mount (adding $250 to the total pricetag)

    - Driving position wasn't perfect: I know this is difficult as everyone is different but I never could quite get comfortable in the obutto.

    If you guys can help me that would be sweet:thumbsup:
  2. Welp, the answer is neither: I went with the brand new Rseat RS1. Lucky enough for me the day I decide to do my research was the day their US/Canada site for the rig went live so I was one of the first to order. My wallet is a little sore now after having to go past the gamepod's price (RS1 is $999) but by the looks of things it'll be worth the money (closest competition is the obutto revolution at $800 or human racing at $1300).

    I will come back with my thoughts after delivery in mid January, in the meantime anyone in Europe have this rig?