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Skins Glickenhaus SCG Thunder Racingteam 1.0

Glickenhaus SCG Thunder Racingteam

  1. What i meant was about that guy 123..something. He posted a nasty comment. Looks like the mods deleted it. ;):thumbsup: Generally not a fan of camoflage race cars...but not bad.
  2. @BlkJello
    And you rate a comment with the skin's rate, that's a cool rate for poster of that skin...
    Think before do this sort of thing.

    Same thing for you, you put a bad rate for wrong category....the rate system is for rate the skin not this sort of thing which is a mistake and do not deserve a bad rating.
  3. BS....Dad! :O_o: If guys make totally uncalled for comments....i will call them out.... period! Nothing pisses me off more than some jerk who says something deragatory without merit. :mad:And i DID thank him before i called that 123 guy out. :unsure: And i rated the skin as i saw it.