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Gl4dia70rZ SweetFX 2013 Settings

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Rini Braat, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Rini serves no par windows 7? I jump problems as installed
  2. Thank you bro!
  3. Thanks rini :D
  4. When i use this settings, the game turn uggly (whites super glow), doesnt look like the previews! :unsure:
  5. Yea same for me. The tarmac looks "sandy and pixly" if you know what I mean :p
  6. exactly that :laugh:
  7. Sorry, but the same for me !:(
  8. Try to change your gama settings ingame and maybe your monitor settings too
  9. v1.1 Redeced Scharpnes Pixel Fix
    And My System Specs Are
    32ich Led TV
    ATi Video Card
    Windows 8
    Start The Game Normal From Steam
    In Game It Needs To Look Like This When You Start Your Game
    And Some Play Screens
    Note! If Your Game Not Looks Like v1.1 Then its not ganna work on your system
  10. Thanks. It fixed my problem. It looks beautiful now :) Good job
  11. For me too, v1.1 fixed the problem :)! Thanks Rini !:thumbsup:
  12. hello!
    Here I have a small question to ask :)
    Here are two screen
    sweet one without and one with fx .... what is normal?
    should I disable directx 10/11? thank you for your answers;)


  13. The first screen is without Sweet FX ( normal game solution), the second is with Sweet FX, that looks like more real. You don't must disable any DirectX versions. It works for DX9,DX11. You must only put all files and folders in your game direction and enable or disable with "SCROLL down"-button.
  14. ok i delete the 1.1 version and install the first version, that look is more real, :)