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Gl4dia70rZ F1 2011 FINAL Cams Update

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rini Braat, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. mhmm so beautiful. Thanks for the Cams. What helmes do you use because it looks awesome :)
  2. Many thanks Rini ! :)
  3. Fantastic! Love these cams, and i'm playing as Rosberg so this is great!
  4. mydriaz


    thanks for this update, but why did to change rear view in cockpit mod ?
    In my game, this rear view is an elevated cam 6-8 meters above the car and you can't see anything behind you during race...
    I go back to your previous release :( :(
  5. Beautiful MASTER;)

    Rini what lights do you use??
  6. Can I see the perspective of the antenna, change to the middle?
  7. nice ! good job. congratulations.
  8. Could you, please, fix the bug with the rear view in cockpit cam? And great work btw.
  9. The T-cam (centered) of the Mercedes and the HRT are perfect. Centered, static, it's great, thank you.

    But the T-cam (centered) of Marussia, Catheram ,Force India ,Sauber ,Toro Rosso and Lotus are completely missed ! :( :(
    Please a new version will hope fully correct edit ?
    Thank you.

    In french:
    Les T-cam (centrée) de la Mercedes et de la HRT sont parfaites. Bien centrée, statiques, c'est génial.

    Mais les T-cam (centrée) des Marussia, Catheram, Force India, Sauber, Lotus et Toro Rosso sont complètement ratés !
    Une nouvelle version va corrigé cela j’espère.
  10. Gl4dLights F1 2011
  11. I wil make a update that wil have evere car with its own cam file speciale made for that car i wil release that next week

    And wil do a update for cockpit rear view and Center T-Cam After the Real F1 race
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  12. Rini you rock dude :) I love f1, f1 games and you make this better. Thanks, really.
  13. My gameplay with this mod! Good Job Rini!! ;)
  14. tnx for the new cam for merc this mod add more realistic feeling to the game great work tnx again :)
  15. It will be good the helmetcam and bonet-head to have a look left/right/back just like an orriginal head-cam has if it is possibile imo... ;)
  16. It's not an update but an full mod ;)
  17. ok, thank you.

    I tried the mod but I noticed something "strange". The cockpit view is quite low, ie more than half of the view is taken from the cockpit. but sure it is more realistic? I sell the mod that changed the FOV to 40 taken directly from Ferrari Virtual Academy.

    What do you think?

    p.s. I've tried with Ferrari.