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Gjon Camaj: "How content comes into the rFactor2 system"

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Bram, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Gjon Camaj himself has revealed some very interesting information today.


  2. All sounds good and well thought out. Also proves that paying a small fee for the new Matchmaker service etc will be worthwhile:).
  3. Will a user be required to have online paid for after the year runs(included with buying game) out to be able to install mods or is their another way to install them after the year is up if people either are unhappy with the matchmaking or they just play off line.
    The theory of it sounds good.
    but with the virtual stuff im not sure.
    ie If mod A,B and C have physical models
    Mod D virtually takes some models of A,B and C (permission issues) to create their mod
    Next Mod A changes some parameters in their mod to bring it to A1.1, does this now effect mod D,
    would mod D now require that you have version 1 and 1.1 of mod A installed to run mod D
    Does referencing a virtual mod (or part of) only reference the model or does it reference everything about that model including skin,sounds,physics etc

    As models are given a unique id its hard to see how you could have 2 different versions.

    does matchmaking point you only to open dedicated servers, or is like the console p2p.
    Is matchmaking involved in private league servers, is it mandatory.
    I still cant figure out how matchmaking works with dedicated servers.
  4. Sounds all good.

    Good point. And the little fee for the Matchmaker already worth imo.

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  5. I hope this modular system mean that mods and their components can be more easily uninstalled from the games directory.
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  6. I already asked it but unfortunately got no answer. So here is another try:

    Are there any experiences how long it takes to create a (basic) Mod. Lets say a 2011 F1 car, skins and especially a original track.
    I'm interested in this cause I would like to know when I can expect a F1 mod for rfactor2, so that it's worth for me to buy the beta when it comes out around christmas.

    Thank you
  7. There's no way of telling that I'm afraid, but there are several teams working on mods for rF2 already and they'll get the chance to learn how to integrate it into the game during the Open Beta. Hopefully we'll see high quality mods available soon after rF2's final release;).

    I know that one well respected team is already working on a 2011 F1 Mod for rF2:).

    Info here:


    Renders and screens here:

  8. Thx.
    This looks very promising, doesn't it?
  9. Thing is Philip a few modding groups have already had their hands on rf2 during the closed beta stage. I know that a few do.
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  10. I didn't know that!! Even better then;).