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Giveaway Friday: Win 5 Copies of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

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  2. I want to enter.

    I never really dream about being a trucker, but I like that you are being on the road all day, eat something, sleep in your truck and do the same next day. The exploring of the cities is really nice! Also truck driving seems to be rather relaxing :)
  3. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    I did want to be a truck driver, no joke. My pop's was one and when i was in the army, that was my trade, boyhood dream come true. Well, almost, got MDed through injury :-(
  4. Easy Answer: You can explore many countrys and cities, thats the biggest plus i think.
    And the challange of manouvering a big truck in a small city is a challange that doesn't make the job boring.
    Oh and i forgot the most important thing: You have these cool signs :)
  5. I Want to enter

    It wasn't my big dream, because that was to become a f1 driver :p
    But i new a guy who was a trucker for a livin'. It's such a cool thing. I was with him oround in europe. Denmark-Italy Italy-Scotland and then back to denmark. It was a very nice week, and to do it yourself would be great.

    I IN :D
  6. weil ich einfach mal das Gefühl haben möchte wie es als Trucker so ist :)
  7. own the the first one was ok but this new one looks brill. I always wanted to be a truck for Stobart after the old man but never made it.

  8. I bet everyone would like to drive 500bhp beast and get paid for it. Also I like that freedom when you are traveling around. That's so cool and it's the reason why I have played most of the games from Hard Truck II. Trucking for the win!
  9. One pic = 1000 words
    am just going to let the pic speak for itself :)

  10. The freedom of the open road. The fact that no 2 days are ever the same, who would not wish for that in life. A new day, a new adventure on the road
  11. The thought of being out on the open road and seeing sites and cities across the uk and Europe that others could only dream off. Here I am 22yrs later still loving my trucking !!!
  12. When I was younger I traveled to a heap of different cycling carnivals each year. Every time we'd stop at a servo I'd always take a peep at the nudie magazines...I thought to myself, man if I was a trucker this would be THE LIFE!

    - straightXed/Guantanamo Bay Sped
  13. Kacper Kolodziejczyk

    Kacper Kolodziejczyk
    Keep calm and race on! Premium Member

    When I was younger I had to move from Poland to Ireland. The car we used was a small Opel Corsa, Then I began thinking how cool it would be to move all around Europe with something bigger, go all over Europe seeing all those beautiful cities. Also I thought how cool is that, you're driving a massive vehicle all over the place and you even get payed for it!
  14. My father was a Truckdriver, my both brothers were Truckes ,my nephew is a Truckerdriver but nor me .I am a service engineer .I can mnake my father in heaven prood of me when I play a Truckersim insteed
  15. Being a truckdriver has to be amazing. You travel all around europe, with cargo that has to be delivered without any damage, so basically truckdrivers have a huge responsebility. Without them, we wouldn't have food, clothes and what not in the shops!

  16. when i was a kid, and the bin/rubish truck passed by my grandparents house (we stayed there in summer in eivissa) i always run out of the house to see it !! i didnt care the smell i wanted one day to be the person driving that orange strange truck that fascinated me, my mother always laughed when she listened the truck arriving and me running out to check it with amusement...
    dont ask me why...i just loved it

    : )

    i would love to do some long rutes with this game looks amazing !!! with real cities wow !

    cy on the road !!! honk honk !!!
  17. I wanted to be truck driver as my big brother used to take on the road with him in his artics when I was a little boy. Gr8 days :)
  18. Nah I'll join but I don't feel I'm gonna win... I never win stuff :D
  19. When I was young, I knew and admired a few truck drivers here in the USA and they were/are some of the manliest men I ever met. I now design lettering and graphics for trucks on a daily basis and have done business with many of the people and corporations in the industry. I eat, sleep and dream "Trucks" and have always wanted to travel around Europe - this simulator would be the perfect way to marry the two.
  20. well did actually i wanted to be a truck driver (for a few weeks :) ) - but i wanted to specifically drive the trucks that carried diggers and large machinery- as they were so cool!