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Cars Ginetta G55 GT4 v0.61

Ginetta G55 GT4 update for AC 1.4

  1. Daniel.13 submitted a new resource:

    Ginetta G55 GT4 - Ginetta G55 GT4 update for AC 1.4

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  2. Excellent work Dan - you've made the guys at Stop Drop Gaming proud to be a part of this!
  3. joecronk

    Premium Member

    Nice can you please tell me what folder it goes in for some reason it seems half of the cars I do down load don't show up in the right folder so then I cant find her in pick a car in the game. I get confused some times I heard put it in the cars folder,or just drop it in the main root folder? And same with my all my apps I try to install some time it works but most of the time my apps don't show up any where I have being trying to down load a tire temp app for ever and I cant get it to show up any where? One more thing what the heck is this python folder for?? please help me understand what I am doing. Thanks Joe Cronk..
  4. joecronk

    Premium Member

    I need help under standing what folder goes where like apps,cars and what is the python folder do exactly when I scrool down my list of things I look for my down loads and I see 2 or 3 content folders same with my apps and my cars are all over same thing I see extra car folders??
  5. Cars go in the assettocorsa\content\cars folder
    Tracks go in the assettocorsa\content\tracks folder
    Apps go in the assettocorsa\apps\python folder

    If you have multiples of these you've done something wrong and can delete any that say copy of or have a number on the end.
  6. Great mod but won't go into 2nd gear or any more when in auto gears. Can any body
    help please.
  8. And in Showroom can see glow disc and normaly there are not visible.
  9. nobody respoding
  10. Hey guys, Dan is working on updates.
  11. Would be awesome if you could do a little Bop it to use with Kunos' Maserati GT4 (As Kunos does among their GT3). Maserati is much faster than the Ginetta on straights currently.
    But in the rest they are very on par so congratulations Daniel.13, it seems that you translated that data very well in AC.:);)
  12. I'll have a look mate! The current version of the Ginetta is technically the supercup version, which runs the Michelin tyres and has a little more rear aero. The GT4 spec has about 160mm taken off the rear wing for BOP, should help with the top speed, but maybe a little twitchier through the corners. I'll maybe look into creating an s1 variant so both can be driven.
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  13. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    does anyone know how to get Ginetta GT4 to work? when i start a session, even practice only, it loads then falls back to main menu. does it with any track but only with this car. any ideas?
  14. Did you put it on the right folder? It works flawless here.
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  15. gt4 decent grids are comming! maserati, toyota, porsche, ur ginetta! maybe eventually we can even get the xbow gtr or the m3 gt4

    that vanilla lotus gt4 isnt actually a gt4 or is it?
  16. I don't think it is.
    The Lotus entry for this series is the Evora GT4.
    Beautiful car btw, I saw it on 2013.:)
  17. So any updates planned for AC v1.9.3 ?
  18. I'm hopeful too that this mod will receive an update, Fonsecker who made the sounds is still active... It fits well with the Maserati and Porsche GT4.
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  19. Two


    An LOD would be helpful for folks like me with old & slow PCs, and brake-lights that work without running PP Effects. I find that it's a bit slower than the Porsche GT4, but faster than the Lotus GT4, and I don't have the Maserati.

    Gotta say that this is still, after dozens of new Kunos cars & dozens of other mods, the best car I've driven in AC!!! Even some Kunos cars don't have working brake lights unless you use PP effects.