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Misc GID Working with Steam Version of GSC 2015-09-06

GID Working with Steam Version of GSC

  1. brian potvin

    brian potvin
    Premium Member

    brian potvin submitted a new resource:

    GID Working with Steam Version of GSC - GID Working with Steam Version of GSC

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  2. Will this work with the non-Steam version of GSC as well? Or should we non-Steamers use the renaming to rFactor.exe version? Thanks.
  3. Gringo

    Premium Member

    Non-steam users have the choice... rename or not to rename.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
  4. Hi,
    I dropped the files in the folder and allowed it to change direct x 9 dll but it is not working in game.
    What am I doing wrong?
    thanks Greame
  5. Sorry what is the GID?
  6. Its gadgets to use while driving,it's very helpful, give it a try ;)

  7. This is what
    that's what I was looking for thanks bro :)
  8. aubreyorion

    Premium Member

    I'm also having this problem. I drop it into my stock car extreme folder and it doesnt show up in the game.
  9. If it is possible, can someone tell me how to make this appear ONLY in my garage please?
    I want all the readouts to disappear when I drive out of the garage, but would like them to show while sitting in the car. I can't understand the instructions and my usual trial and error is not working despite trying over and over. lol

    Thanks for any pointers :)
  10. Same problem here
  11. The GRID icon is only showing 9 drivers, how do I change it so it'll show 20 drivers. I have no idea what to do or change. Please help with this.
  12. elpolan

    Premium Member

    Some update for v1.50?
  13. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    If I understood right, the GID plugin is getting integrated in the game itself, hence the new track map. I guess the rest of the overlay will come in future updates of the game.
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