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Misc GID Plugins for GSCE 2013 2014-12-03

GSCE 2013

  1. F1SuperLigue submitted a new resource:

    GID Plugins for GSCE 2013 - GSCE 2013

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  2. Installation
    1. if MapPlugin is installed, uninstall it:
    • from GSC folder delete d3d9.dll, MapPlugin.ini, MapPlugin_Installation.txt
    and MapPlugin_Installazione.txt;
    • from GSC/Plugins delete MapPlugin.dll and Map folder;

    2. Unzip GIDPlugin in GSC folder.
    Important Note
    GID doesn't need other graphical plugins. It is recommended to disable/remove other
    graphical plugins. If you want use GID with an other graphical plugin, follow these steps:
    1. Rename d3d9.dll (from other graphical plugin) in d3d9_previous.dll
    2. Unzip GID in rFactor Folder;
    3. Edit GIDPlugin.ini as:

    OriginalD3D9Dll = d3d9_previous.dll

    Remember to rename GSC.exe to rfactor.exe

    Quick start
    1. Install GIDPlugin and start a local race;
    2. Once in GSC with monitor TV in Right Bottom corner, before press “Race”
    SHIFT + PAUSE to reset map position;
    3. Press Race, now you are in inside PIT. When in PIT, plugins uses BOX Layout
    to show infos;
    4. Press throttle and exit from Pit Lane. Plugin now uses Session Layout;
    5. Press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE to select next box;
    6. Press Arrows keys to move Boxes on screen;
    7. Repeat steps 5,6 to move other boxes;
    8. At the end press ALT + SPACE to show GID MENU. Select Layout to All
    and press Return. Current Layout will be used for all others game

    sessions (Test Day, Qualify, Warm Up, Race and BOX );
    9. if you prefer you can return in BOX and change GID BOX Layout;
    10.Press ALT + SPACE more times, and select Kph—Mph to choose between Km
    or Miles.
    Nota: To reset Layout to default press ALT + SPACE, select “RESET LAYOUT” and press

  3. i have been using this as i gave up trying to get rfdynhud to work. I like this, only issue i have noticed is that the gap timing in the tower doesnt not keep updating
  4. BattleOvce

    Premium Member

    Where is the download link ? I cant find any. Thanks
  5. If I rename GSC.exe to rfactor.exe then steam gives an error when starting the game. Is it possible to somehow use this mod on a steam installation?

    I can't get rfdynhud or this one to work, and I think the default hud is too basic. Who can help me?
  6. BattleOvce

    Premium Member

    Helped you anyone ? or theres no way to get it work on steam version
  7. Gringo

    Premium Member


    I was curious about this so I had a look at the problem.

    This is fazorbox's latest release v1.1.5 of the GID plugin for rFactor 1.

    This is a release thread... http://symracing.net/rfeseries/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=874

    Here is the posted DL link... http://www.mediafire.com/download/gbd91to6i94b4z3/G.I.D.GlobalInfoDisplay_RFEfullversion_1.1.5.exe

    If you didn't know GID has issues with Brake Wear and Engine wear widgets, I guess these GID features are not working / not available compared to rfDynHUD.

    GID will function wirh GSCx becasue GSCx is based on rFactor, however you needed to rename the gsc.exe to rfactor.exe or else GID will not work. This is a problem for steam version users because you can not rename the exe in steam.

    I discovered that in the GID d3d9.dll there are references to rfactor.exe... I changed those references to gsc.exe with a hex editor and that solved the renaming of the exe problem.

    After you install GID into GSCx you can edit the d3d9.dll as I have done or you can use the .dll that I made all ready to replace the original.


    Folow the link above to find an extracted version of GID 1.1.5 package and a copy of the "edited for gsc.exe" d3d9.dll. It is easy enough to edit the .dll yourself if you are concerned about security.

    Check out this thread to setup rfDynHUD for steam rFactor... if you haven't seen it.

    Edit: GID v1.1 Manual


    Global Information Display, G.I.D., Telemetry, HUD, Game Stock Car Extreme, GSCE, GSC, GSC Steam version
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2015
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  8. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis
    Premium Member

    Wow, thanks a bunch man. I was really starting to miss using GID with GSC.
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  9. Mr.Gringo
    Thank you very much
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  10. Wow man thanks a lot!!! Thought I was going to have to move ot a cracked version because Steam didn't allow me to use this
  11. @Gringo I have a Non-Steam version, together with GID and SweetFX. His ".dll" worked well, but now kept the two trackmaps. By using numpad "0" it switches between full and compact, but still asim with both. Any solution to leave only the trackmap GID?
  12. Gringo

    Premium Member

    GSCx has a native track-map plugin.

    When I use GID I disable the Reiza trackmap by renaming the d3d9.dll to make a backup.

    Then for Steam version GSC.exe I use the GID d3d9.dll that I modified above.

    So if I understand correctly you want to replace Reiza d3d9.dll and use the GID d3d9.dll with the SweetFX .dll
  13. Yep, each has its ".dll". What did I do:
    It replaces the original SCE ".dll" by the SweetFX as we do not use the original TrackMap the SCE;
    Renamed the ".dll" GID to "d3d9_gid.dll" and pointed out that the file "TrackMapConf.ini".
    I did so because I need the two ".dll" to work plugins (SwetFX + GID). I just asked why using the ".dll" original GID I had not both working trackmaps. Anyway it was a good job and how to use non-steam version, I can keep the previous state.
  14. Is it possible to modify the Track Map settings? I installed GID with Gringo's modified dll.

    Right now all I can do is switch between FIX and ROTATE with the "numpad 0" key. I'd like to make the track map smaller and move it from the bottom left to the upper left.

    I tried modifying TrackMapConf.txt in "Plugins\TrackMap, but its not working.

    Nevermind, got it working. Found the documentation PDF in the plugin folder, key commands to modify the map are at page 32.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2015
  15. Hello
    STARTING LIGHTS does not turn on ?
  16. Gringo

    Premium Member

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  17. I thank for your kindness:)
  18. Hi Gringo, i've just installed the GID version for steam users with your modified d3d9.dll.
    It's all ok apart for a big problem when starting a race :
    in the timer box beside the laps it appears the word "practice" and not "race".
    By this way also the grid box is fault because it reports the lap time of the leader and the difference to that time for the other drivers, on each lap;
    Indeed on race the grid box must show the overall time of the leader and the gap for the other drivers to that time growing lap by lap.

    If you need i can send you a screenshot to show the problem.
    My GSCE is the latest version (1.35).

    Can you help me ?

  19. Gringo

    Premium Member

    Hi Luca,

    I am aware that some widgets and features are not working as expected... or you need to get into the manual and look for configuration options for the problems you find. I don't (normally) use GID so I can't help out with this issues. As I recall from reading posts from the past, you are not the only one to mention the timing widgets issues. One thing to remember is that GID does not support GSC so I think problems are to be expected.

    Hopefully another GID user will chip in and offer a solution. :)
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015