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Misc GID Plugin working on v1.31 2015-04-06


  1. Franklin Stegink submitted a new resource:

    GID Plugin working on v1.31 - GID

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  2. What is this thing? What's a GID plugin?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Does this mod only work for non steam users? I understand you can't change the .exe file as steam says there's a missing executable.
  5. I use it indeed on the non steam.
  6. Thanks for this. Everything is running fine except the language for the Laps. Its in Spanish. How do I change it to english? also How do I increase the widget sizes individually while in-game?
  7. Also is there anyway to get this to work with the sweetfx files from Reiza?
  8. Hi all. I have a few issue I need help on please.
    Fuel, the time remaining for fuel is showing the same as per lap consumption. How can I change this to show time remaining?
    Positions, I have this set to relative to me but from lap two onwards seems to change itself to relative to my best lap, has anyone else had this problem and if so how did they fix it?
  9. Does this work on steam stock car extreme? I got rfdynhud working on steam formula truck2013 but can´t get it working on steam stock car extreme
  10. Flammenjc

    Nitor Velox Gaming Premium

    What are the hotkeys for this GID?
  11. Gringo



    I was curious about this so I had a look at the problem.

    This is fazorbox's latest release v1.1.5 of the GID plugin for rFactor 1.

    This is a release thread... http://symracing.net/rfeseries/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=874

    Here is the posted DL link... http://www.mediafire.com/download/gbd91to6i94b4z3/G.I.D.GlobalInfoDisplay_RFEfullversion_1.1.5.exe

    If you didn't know GID has issues with Brake Wear and Engine wear widgets, I guess these GID features are not working / not available compared to rfDynHUD.

    GID will function wirh GSCx becasue GSCx is based on rFactor, however you needed to rename the gsc.exe to rfactor.exe or else GID will not work. This is a problem for steam version users because you can not rename the exe in steam.

    I discovered that in the GID d3d9.dll there are references to rfactor.exe... I changed those references to gsc.exe with a hex editor and that solved the renaming of the exe problem.

    After you install GID into GSCx you can edit the d3d9.dll as I have done or you can use the .dll that I made all ready to replace the original.


    Folow the link above to find an extracted version of GID 1.1.5 package and a copy of the "edited for gsc.exe" d3d9.dll. It is easy enough to edit the .dll yourself if you are concerned about security.

    Check out this thread to setup rfDynHUD for steam rFactor... if you haven't seen it.

    GID Manual here

    Global Information Display, G.I.D., Telemetry, HUD, Game Stock Car Extreme, GSCE, GSC, GSC Steam version
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  12. thanks
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