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GID HUD Crashes GSCE v1.35

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Darren O'Brien, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Put a New GTX970 in my PC.
    Everythings fine, but the GID HUD v1-1-15 crashes GSCE.
    I can get the game up Car on track for 30 sec then it crashes. Take out GID HUD and its fine.

    Never had issues before this, Has anyone encountered a similar problem ?
  2. Did you try to set a single layout for all sessions? Here if I have different ones it crash sometimes
  3. Is this different from rfDynhud? In what way?
  4. Found the problem.

    Gigabyte OC GURU.

    Everytime it was open with GSCE the GID Hud would freeze the game.

    But close the OC GURU and run GSCE and no probs the GID Hud works fine.
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  5. It doesn't use Java, for one, which saves a lot of hassles. I.e. it doesn't just stop working one day after you've updated Java. Other than that, it gives you basically the same info, minus brake wear.
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  6. Ah right. I had the same problem back in the day with rFactor 1 and MSI Afterburner. There was a setting in the settings menu, something like "Use Low Level Kernel mode" or something similar that fixed it. Nonetheless, Afterburner caused all my gMotor games(including, more recently, rFactor 2) to crash/freeze randomly, so that's not on my PC anymore either. Since I uninstalled it about 4 months ago, not a single freeze/crash.
  7. Sounds great. What's the latest, any link? Is there documentation too and a also way to manage the windows while on track? Thanks.
  8. Good question - I don't even use it at the moment on SCE as I don't play it much any more. I think what I did last time, is download the latest one for rFactor 1, and made a copy of my GSC.exe and renamed it rFactor.exe, otherwise it just didn't work. But this was before the Steam move... It should still work I guess, maybe try it?
  9. I see. I don't use the Steam version, as I prefer local setup. Anyway, I'll try it. I still have rfdynhud anyway.