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Getting replay and uploading link to forum

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Carlos Fu, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Dear Experts:

    How can i extract my replay in GTR Evolution and post a link for the other to see in the Forum?
    Since, for the race, they might evaluate my skills and ask me to show some skills to them.

    Thanks all
  2. Your replays are in [Steam Directory]/steamapps/[username]/race07/replaydata

    You can upload that file or record the replay using Fraps.
  3. Thanks Matt. Will try it sooner.
    Many thannks for the info.:laugh2:
  4. How do u convert the file into a MPEG? What program do u lot use?
  5. Actually i don't know how to convert it and record it.
    Is that only can record when its a replay?
  6. the replay file is only a data file that has all the info about the race..it's not a movie. if you want to make it a movie, you have to watch the replay using the replay theater feature and record it using Fraps or something similar then you can convert that to whatever movie file you want.

    To convert the Fraps movie most people use Windows Movie Maker as it's already on Windows computers..or you can use video editing software like Premiere.
  7. Thanks Matt
  8. Thanks MTommi. i will try to upload it.
    Also i watch la, race i scare crash and make confuse for the team axis.