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Getting owned by AI

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Roger Snead, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Hello to all,
    I am having a strange issue I hope someone can help.
    F1 2012 Race= Budapest Platform= xbox360
    Settings...Intermediate, Assists On, Red bull, Damage = Full Carrer Mode
    I am not very good at this game hence the settings.
    Anyway, I qualified in 9th for race. I felt like I had done pretty good. Started race on Options 20% race I think. When race started, the AI just blasted past me one car after another! I was in 23rd before the first turn! I have never had this happen. I then tried Quick race mode and started in random 8th. The same thing pretty much happened using the Red Bull w/all the same settings as above. Just wizzed by me.

    When I looked at my tires on the car status symbol they where orangeish, fairly worn.
    Would it have made that much of a difference if tires were in great shape? Engine showed it was at 97%. I don't get it. This happened on several restarts...always the same even on Rich fuel and using KERS!
    I guess I should have tried to qualify with new options and set a good time right away? I am not that well versed on the rules. Do you have to start the race with the same tires your best qually time was in Q3? Even if so, I just don't see this happening. I don't think the tire had anything to do with it,as I was getting passed by almost every car in such a short period. Even the Marussia staring in 22cd and me in 9th with the Red Bull.:confused:

    I checked my pedal functions on the Fanatec Properties page and throttle is 100%.
    Thank you in advance for any help.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
  2. Hey.. perhaps you were not reving enough before the start. Compared to other "simulation" games, in F1 2012 I think you get the best torque when starting at full rev.I tried once to start like they do in real life, setting a lower rev to optimize the launch speed but nope.. doesn't work in F1 2012. Try to see if you were at full rev at the start of the race.
  3. No , full revs for sure.

    If someone plays on the 360, to confirm this is wrong, that would be great. I have not played 2012 in a while, and maybe this happens at Budapest? I am stumped. Going to try some other tracks and cars to see what's up.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. You're welcome.

    Well I have the game on PC and just got to Hungary in career mode and nope, its a normal race for me. Which car were you using? did you change the car settings by the way? If the gear rations were changed it might be the source of your problem. Maybe you've set a specific setting only for hungary

    To check out go in the car monitor and go to the wrench icon. Then go to load/save to see if there's any data there.
  5. Yea, I have run this track a few times with the same reliable setup I have loaded. Using the Red Bull. Going to try it again soon and maybe it was some kinda glitch. I have a friend that has it on xbox I just remembered.

    I am knowledgeable about all the settings and car setups, menus, etc, just not fast.:rolleyes: I am going to also try the engineers default setup and see what happens. I will post if I figure it out.Thanks again.