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Getting off the sim racing hardware merry-go-round

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Knorpp, May 27, 2013.

  1. I'll give you the short version. Believe me. Bought a DFGT several years ago for a good price. It lasted about 2 year before brake pedal needed bungi cord but then was fine. I should have stopped here :).

    I began to crave a clutch (I am old so manual transmission = clutch) and bought myself a G27 with birthday money. More on that later.

    Then I upgraded to triple screens but my graphics card could not drive them all full resolution so I returned everything and decided to save the money for a track day instead.

    Then I replaced my truly 22 inch monitor with a 42 inch TV and that didn't work either b/c ghosting and aliasing problems.

    So I went back to trusty 22 inch monitor and vowed to get off the upgrade train.

    Then another birthday recently and bought trackir which i didn't like so am sending that back and now my g27 pedal is spiking and only solution is to take apart 20+ pieces and I'm not doing that unless I have to.

    So I hooked up DFGT and am fine with it until I can talk to Logitech about a replacement. If they replace then good. If they don't then I will probably use birthday money for clubsports and save g27 in case I am desperate enough someday to disassemble them while waiting for shipment of future pedals, etc. but hoping my dfgt will serve that purpose as it is now.

    Anyway, my point is that unnecessary upgrades are out of my future unless replacing a broken item and I have done research to make sure my how supports, etc. otherwise I will just buy another of what is broken and keep it simple. Rfactor SW is complicated enough. I don't need hw problems too :)
  2. Till now I keep everything basic, I only upgrade "extra" stuff after I've done a LOT of research about it, preferably from someone who already has it, I check with myself if I really need it and if I think it's worth the price compared with what I get. That works great for me, never have any unexpected hardware problems:) Offcourse luck is the other factor, but that was on my side so far:thumbsup:
  3. Knock on wood :)

  4. It's just dust, it took me 20 mins to fix my gas pedal spikes on G27.
  5. When you guys speak of "spikes" you mean, if one clicks on Game Controllers (Windows) and brings up the calibration of wheel and pedals, these (gas pedal, in this instance) are "moving" without your even touching them?

    If that is so, sadly that's been happening to my G27. Now matter how many times I use the air-blower (really powerful and noisy), it is still "spiking". :(


    Regarding the OP:

    perhaps most sensible people have been there. We see a setup we like, we buy the necessary things to replicate that, only to find out something doesn't quite work or maybe it's not really worth it for the money spent.

    Often, life's circumstances force you to accept what you have. Upgrades, newer and better rig, newer/better wheel - "later but not now" becomes a motto.
  6. In my case I have the throttle to the floor but instead of full throttle it varies anywhere between 90-100%.